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@War Killer: Without trying to say the same things over and over, the classic design has been on Bruce since the late thirties, with only the ears and belt really changing. 

And as for the imposter thing: think about it. The people of gotham have seen dick in the classic batsuit. They see Bruce in his new suit, what are they going to think? Two batmen, one of thems fake. The wrong one.
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@cody1984:  I get what your saying man, its very possible someone would succeed frank, but as you said yourself, hed be a pale imitation. So what would be the point of the story?
Someone could easily decide to become the punisher after him, but it would be pointless story wise. Itd be a character the original wouldnt give a crap about, and a character the fans wouldnt care about. It wouldnt have any real satisfying payoff, just by what the punisher has become character wise.
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@cody1984: That story was written in the nineties. The character has changed since then.
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No man its nothing to do with the symbol, you misunderstand me. I like the yellow. Its the design of the costume, the lines, the lack of trunks,the new gauntlets.  Things that were not on the original suit. 

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@PowerHerc: Exactly. He s not trying to create anthing, the punisher is not a pet project to him, its just a name thats been put on him, Hed do what hes doing now even if he didnt have it.
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I ll be honest with you, i dont like the idea of Dick Grayson as Batman. But theres nothing i can do about that except talk about it. And seeing Bruce wearing a different suit while dick stays in the old one is a bit much for me. I know its not THAT different, but its the little things that count to me. If you think im nitpicking, then i have to agree with you. But it just seems a bit insulting to the characters history to me. 

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Man, I could put on a skull and say i was the punisher. Would i be worthy of the original? No way. Mantle passing works with Batman because he is essentially a very human character, The Punisher is not. Frank Castle is a force of nature and is not replaceable. Not in any good way.

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@War Killer: it is cool, but its not the classic suit. It amkes sense theyd change it for a movie, but not for Dick Grayson. And In changing bruces costume and leaving grayson in the old one, it makes it look like bruce is the imposter, instead of the other way around.
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@Sydpart2: He would have been even more the figurehead if he was in the suit he designed and has worn his entire career. Someone like batman isnt going to just change his suit to fit in with a new idea. He has made the perfect suit for himself, and now its changed because hes the leader of batman inc.? character wise, it makes no sense. 
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@PrinceIMC: Dick said it himself once Bruce came back hed revert back to nightwing. Why hasnt that happened? Its so stupid. And hes worn variations, sure, but the core costume (trunks ,cape) never has changed.