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dick grayson aint batman . he sucks as the dark knight. As nightwing, hes his own man, so NIGHTWING

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war addict or Revenge fueled vigilante. Take yer pick.

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i wish he killed archie. such a stupid story.

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Yeah this was killing an innocent,, and it proves that frank castle is in love with war, but it doesnt neccesarily mean he'll kill innocent civilians with impunity. I dont know whether it can be defined as morality, but frank castle would not do that, for several reasons. 
His war would end for one thing. Theyd have to arrest  him. And possibly more important, hes an excellent tactician and does not make mistakes.
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Dude, your trying to psychoanalyse(sorry if i mispelt that) a comic book character. Hes not real. 
You said hes a one dimensional character, i disagree with that because hes one of my favourite characters, but if you dont like him, why do you spend so much time writing a thesis on him? 
I can enjoy a character for what he is and sum up my own opinions on him, but im not gonna write a paper on him.  

So heres my opinion for what its worth.
he wouldnt do it in the first place. Castle doesnt make mistakes. Hes not reckless, he can plan to avoid the situation. If he was a psycho he would not take such a precaution. 

looking back over this conversation i realize how pointless it is. Theres different people with different opinions, But for once and for all, Frank Castle does not kill innocents. Just because he does kill criminals does not mean hes jeffrey dahmer. I havent seen anybody make a post like this on several other pages, including high powered superheroes with powers much more dangerous than a gun. 
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@War Killer: Cool. Same goes for myself
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 @War Killer: And as far as things changing over time goes, if its not broke dont fix it.
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@War Killer: I dont care about wonder woman. 

I know its been said before, many times, But there should only be one Batman at a time. Two is One to many. 
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@cody1984: I think theres two levels to the character of frank castle, neither of which are suitable for replacement. 
1 The ex marine who loved his family and killed criminals because of his loved ones murders. Since that happened his hatred and grief have consumed him, turning him into the The Punisher completly.
2 The ex marine  who fell in love with war in Vietnam and uses his familys deaths as an excuse to fight forever.
Both versions are true of the character, and are definitely personal reasons for Frank Castle to do what he does. On that level. simply replacing him is impossible. But on a superficial level, someone deciding to become the Punisher after his death is absoloutly possible, but would Frank Castle train him? Never. He'd probably kill him on the spot, in all likelihood.