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Just finished issue 22. Yeah i know theres other titles with him still alive in them and all, but dont say you dont feel sad when you saw him on that slab. I certainly did.

RIP Frank Castle. I have nothing more to say.

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dont lie and say your not psyched by this.

Theyve some great talent with a lot of pressure on them. It has no other option but to be at least good. You cant honestly say that these writers and artists are not as good as Moore or Gibbons. The only thing standing in the way of this being good is extremist watchmen fans perception of it.

Im buying the Rorschach, Nite Owl, Minutemen, and the Comedian.

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@warcorpse: its actually a browning hi power. glocks dont have external hammers. In the kingpin story, that is, i know he has one now. But only because he took it off a dead guy, otherwise he wouldnt usually use one.

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The Punisher's motivation is a love of war. Batman wants to make the world a better place. both are incredibly honest men, they wouldnt lie about who and what they are and neither of them are crazy, They have rules about what they do. true psychos have no rules.

motivation wise, id say batman is more reasonable though, but ill not deny that the punisher has his uses, even if he never really changes anything.

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thq made the brilliant 2005 game of the punisher. stick with thq.

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they cant catch him because hes much smarter than them, he knows every available escape route in New York and he can dissapear into a crowded street easily. he can outthink them tactically, he knows his environment and how to get out of it in the event of an ambush or trap. He manages to put them in a position where theyd have to kill him to stop him and he knows they wont cross that line so he gets away every time.

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why does every vigilante automatically have to be a psycho? While i admit Frank Castle is not all there, he isnt a total maniac. The legal definition of being psychotic is the inability to plan a criminal act,  instead being compulsed to do it.  Frank Castle's murders are all premeditated. 

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its a question of exposure no doubt, comics have not got the media weight of movies, but comics can be popular, with the release of watchmen, EVERYBODY read that. People who didnt read comics read it because it was causing such a stir. V for Vendetta, Batman year one and The Dark Knight Returns, same thing because the of the movies attached.  I think the main problem with comics being succesful is that when people first enter this world, theyre attacked by mediocre stories. Characters being killed off only to return a year later, stupid costumes to name two, it simply does not appeal to someone who hasnt read a comic since they were six. They see that spandex and they decide then and there that comics are for nerds. Comics need a serious re do, all across the board, costumes must change, the writing must change, the way comics are marketed must change.  If the quality of comics gets better than anything else out there, that will become impossible to ignore. People will read them, no matter what stigmas are attached to the genre. They will cease to exist if quality is there instead. 

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non paid user >>gets to save his money for more important things.

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the punisher definitely couldnt care less about music or any other kind of art for that matter. Although in the stupid Mike Baron stories in the eighties He sang i shot the sheriff to himself. Things have changed thank god.