My top 3 Marvel Characters

Yup. So.. This is my list of my top 3 Marvel characters(Liked). I'm sure people will have clashing opinions, yada yada yada. 

1.Jean Grey
  Jean Grey is my favorite Marvel Character for a few simple reasons. Jean is a complex character that I all around and a fan of. The Phoenix Force itself may be a confusing factor but once you look at it in a simple context, it's easy to figure out. And if you can look passed it, you can see that Jean herself is a good character. Sure, some people could find it hard to actually note that due to her being written as a sex symbol in the seventies, and a Damsel in Distress from the time the original X-factor started and until New X-men came out. Jean is also the strongest mutant, something which is most likely a hard responsibility to hold on ones shoulders. She's regarded as the main host of the Phoenix Force and most people absolutely ABHOR her for that. &&If she is NOT Hope Summers, I want her to come back into comics soon. I suppose that mostly explains it all. OH! She has also been known for the Phoenix Force taking over Jean, and having the abilities to destroy entire planets. She is said to be the polar opposite to the White Queen, and current Girlfriend of Scott Summers AKA Cyclops, Emma Frost. In the nineties she and Psylocke had it out, Psylocke somehow WON against Jean. Something of which I found.. Perplexing. Jean is also one of the original five X-men, and one of the most recurring. As opposed to what most people say, Jean herself has NOT died around ten times. Only once or twice. Psshh. Fans and their miscalculations.
X-Force 26
  Bobby Drake, the Iceman. Bobby was the original prankster of the X-men team. He's an omega level mutant at only five percent of his power. Imagine what it would be like if Bobby went to 100 percent. Can anyone say HAX?? Bobby is a cryokinetic with thermokinetic abilities. Hence making him sort of uber when he fights against any pyrokinetics. I REALLY want Bobby to come back in  the spotlight in Uncanny.
Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #2

 3.Black Cat
  Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat, Both one of Spideys most recurring allies and recurring villains. Weird, right?! anyways. Felicia is pretty flirtatious and, due to her original appearance, can be seen as a trashy character. However, she is not and has been shown not to be. During her college years she was Date-Raped by a man named Ryan, and after that she went into cat burglary after he was killed. She had to take the skills that she learned during her training to kill him somewhere...Right? Right.