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Doc Ock vs Shadowland 0

In this issue, Doc Ock takes on Shadowland, currently under the control of the Kingpin and the Hand ninjas he controls. It’s initially disconcerting just how Ock does this, with lots of big spider-bots and apparently loyal spider-flunkeys. This clearly follows on from Ock’s deal with Jameson last ish, granting Octavius his own Spider Island II as a base, but it feels like author Dan Slott has elided over too much here (not least Ock’s suspiciously familiar robotic arms). Still, it was entertain...

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The Slow Avengers 0

Another pulse-pounding issue of Some Avengers Sit In Dimly Lit Rooms And Talk. And, oh joy, yet another half-baked origin story, and yet more portentous sci-fi background noise offered to create the illusion of Big Things Happening.Many writers want to introduce their own characters. That’s fine. But if those characters remain only thumbnail sketches, and if their introduction consumes the entirety of a book, and relegates established members to the background or to invisibility, then it’s a pro...

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