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Voted no, and not because I hated the book. It was overall a fun story arc, albeit with dumb moments, but it was just that, a story arc. The reason I was never on board with the "He's ruining Spider-Man!" crowd was because despite the titling, this was only tangentially a Spider-Man book. It was a fun ride with Doc Ock, who got the spotlight like never before.

But I like Spider-Man more. I like heroism, courage, sacrifice, quipping, and the fundamental humanity that Parker has and Ock doesn't

And let's not get ahead of ourselves. We don't know how things are going to play out. I find it hard to believe Otto's going to be dead forever. Maybe his old body has been repaired and he goes back to it. Maybe he gets Miguel O'Hara's body. We might still get to watch Otto play hero.

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Dark Knight Returns. Largely for personal reasons: I read it when it first came out and it simply astonished me. It also has a genuinely epic sweep that Year One doesn't quite have, for all it's qualities and the great stuff with Gordon. And the Superman stuff is awesome.

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Squirrel Girl, because apparently it's funny.

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Is that Jean or Hope on the Wasp/Havok cover

Neither: you need to read #18...

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Good, exciting issue. But the alternate timeline thing was starting to feel overused and threadbare even before this (I mean in all of Marvel, not just UA). There are other stories, guys.

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Can we talk about how Whedon's Astonishing X-Men apparently only happened within the last year in the timeline? It's an offhand remark but if it's accurate then I don't know how to interpret timelines in comics anymore, because that's insane

The only way to deal with Marvel's shifting timeline is to pretend it's not there, and writer's make themselves look silly whenever they ignore this. A couple years ago Spider-Man referenced fighting the Juggernaut "a few months ago": he was talking about a fight printed in 1982...

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This was clumsy. That wasn't Kitty, that wasn't Frost, and Bendis has only gotten Illyana right a couple of times in this whole run. Forcing characters out of, well, character is cheap and lazy. Uncanny really seems the red headed stepchild of Bendis's current books, rushed and unloved. 3 stars.

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I've only been following a couple of New 52 titles. I'm sure he's not a choirboy, but has New 52 Lex committed any great evils?

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I've enjoyed SSM, but the narrowness of the character always limited how long it could maintain momentum: a fundamentally unpleasant character provides some laughs and some dark anti-hero action, but there's really not much farther you can go. A hero's story has the drive of moral purpose, and risks and consequences have greater narrative weight if the character actually has relationships and people he cares about. You can do bigger and better stories with a hero than a villain.

And I like Ock better with bad hair and metal arms. I hope he lives, and realizes he doesn't actually have to have Parker's body to do the things he's been trying to do.

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Because comics need more time travel stories? Can't we be done with them and alternate worlds for a while.

Cool variants, though. And the $4.99 tag usually means the comic is bigger than normal.