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Deep in the emptiness of space, long isolated from the state of constant war that plagues the majority of the galaxy there is a world known as Keresh'nava, for thousands of years it's people lived in peace, being content to keep to themselves, staying away from the troubles that persisted in the universe. One day the peace they enjoyed was shattered, a hostile alien force, bent on conquest had invaded, they sent out a call for help, many responded but no help was sent, eventually the Keresh, the people of this world drove them off their world, then pursued them in their own ships to their homeworld. The Keresh, enraged by what had befallen them swore an oath after the last of the invaders species fell before a Keresh blade. They vowed that they would seek out those that refused to come to their aid and destroy them, as well as insuring that such a disaster would never happen again, that was five thousand years ago... and so far they've kept their word...


Keresh'nava (Left) and Lexeron (Right)

After what is referred to as "The War of Liberation" and the subsequent rebuilding, the Keresh began a massive arms build-up, the first of thousands of factories were constructed on the moon of Lexeron, one of Keresh'nava's moons and the shipyards were constructed in orbit, within weeks of their completion they began to churn out everything from boots and body armor to capital ships and medical supplies. On Keresh'nava a massive military recruitment drive was under way, with everyone between the ages of 18 and 200 being put into military service, and undergoing training at bases across the planet and on the worlds second moon, Praximus.

After a year the Keresh war machine was ready for it's trial run, the target would be the nearby world of Kryssl in the next system. Home to a species of insect-like humanoids who had been allied with the species that had invaded their world. The Keresh Navy, at the time only twelve ships; A Battlecruiser serving as the command ship, six frigates to support the invasion force, two large troopships to carry the invasion force, two destroyers to protect the fleet from hostile warships and a supply ship, carry extra ammunition, weaponry, food, etc for the invasion force. Approximately one week later the planet was firmly in the hands of the Keresh military, the Keresh flag fluttering in the breeze over the Krysslian capital. The inhabitants of the world were whipped out to the last man, woman and child. This was only the beginning of a series of invasions throughout the galaxy that would last the better part of the next 500 years.

It was during this 500 years that the Keresh encountered the primitive Tar'vorians, large bipedal cat like aliens who had yet to advance to the point of achieving space flight capabilities. When a Keresh scout ship first touched down on the Tar'vor homeworld the planet was in the middle of an epidemic and was in a constant state of war. Instead of calling in a fleet to whip out the Tar'vorians the Keresh took pity on them, helping them create a cure for the disease that had been ravaging their world, They then united the Tar'vorian clans, forming a single unified government and gave them starships and advanced weapons training, so that they could fight alongside the Keresh forces, three years after their discovery the Tar'vorians were ready for war...

Work in Progress...