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@ghost_rider1 said:


Total mismatch: SA Superman was literally unbeatable.

What?!?! He has a lot of strength and durability. But he isn't unbeatable. A bloodlusted silver surfer would still give SA superman a hard time. This isn't a mismatch. Or ill come up for a defense for surfer and nova

SA Superman was a walking plot device. He was powerful enough to move galaxies worth of planets and fast enough to break into the after life, but his true power came from being able to pull random plot devices out of his ass similar to Mjolnir and the Power Cosmic

Still, Darkseid solos. SA Supes could theoretically solo too but he has just as many low showings as he did high one's.

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Bronze Age Hal would murder Surfer

SA Hal gets housed

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@jackofspades said:

hulk wins easy didnt doomsday beat the crap out of darkseid when they first meet

Doomsday would kill Hulk easily. Hulk is a joke.

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@KentKobash said:

@80sBaby said:

Without BFR, Darkseid loses.

Without BFR, Darkseid would still break Hulk in half. He's already one shotted characters that have greater durability then WBHulk

Such as?

Superman, Orion, Agogg etc.

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What 4th dimension of hell did this thread crawl out of?

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She should of been more discrete

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I'll be pre ordering it

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@TheLeader said:

Thanos has fought Odin a skyfather on nearly an equal level

No he didn't, he showed impressive durability by taking a beating from him and that's it

@TheLeader said:

Thanos nearly destroyed the universe of Marvel (in the IG saga).

With the Infinite Gauntlet

@TheLeader said:

Darkseid has trouble with Supes and has lost to Supes I think several times.

Darkseid has beaten Supes in the majority of their encounters, and Thanos has had trouble with Thor

@TheLeader said:

Supes is badass, but he loses to Silver Surfer.

Supes has never fought Silver Surfer

@TheLeader said:

Thanos has beaten Silver Surfer many a time.

No he hasn't

@TheLeader said:

Thanos is a universe-level genius mastermind and universe threat.

Darkseid is a multiversal level genius master mind and a multiversal threat, he was matching Solomon, a Monitor, in wits in Countdown, and only lost when Solomon used his own son against him

@TheLeader said:

Darkseid is a badass, but Thanos is a bigger "badass" by own universe comic writings.

Thanos is a bigger badass based on what? Certainly not for any of the reasons you listed

@TheLeader said:

Thanos IMO takes Darkseid without too much difficulty.

Even if Thanos could take Darkseid [which is something heavily debatable] it wouldn't be easy by any means.

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@omegablast452: Too bad that wasn't Darkseid, it was Daniel Turpin..maybe if you read the comic you would know that.

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@omegablast452:Darkseid can fly, he can teleport without a mother box also

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