My Disturbing Comic Book Villains

a big thanks to MTHarman for inspiring this list with his B-list bad guy videos. Please check out his work on here and youtube 
a desending list of the sickest of the sick from least to most
Of course these are my own opinion. And come from only the books I have read.

It not always about criminal behavior. Some times it’s what these villains do in their off hours and sometimes thinking about what they would be like in the real world.     
thank you for reading 

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Posted by MTHarman

If your interested with disturbing villains, I can give you a couple ideas where to start. 
However, I wouldn't quite put Doomsday and Carnage among the likes of Pyg and Joker though, or just about any dribbling or obsessed nutjob that rightfully deserves an honored spot onto your list. 
Doomsday was bred into killing everything and hating all life, sadly it wasn't by his choice. His creator should take his place for killing the creature a million times over. And Carnage is like most of the bad aliens within the Marvel Universe, an alien thats wears the man who wears it. Meaning that the host has influence over the symbiote, causing a cocktail of chaos. So instead of Carnage, I would have the former host, Kletus Cassidy. 
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Fixed it add some stuff . thank you for the help
Posted by Video_Martian

Reeeeally creepy villains, great list.