The real problem with sexism in comic books.

 Hello, my brothers and sister, my unlimited love to you all!

Well the popular topic round these parts seems to be sexism, so far be it from me to not jump on the band wagon. Friends I’m here to tell you some revelations about commercial products in general as well as comics. Companies have and will always use sex to sell their stuff. There is a great Bill Hicks bit about how snickers and Coke will sell stuff in the future you all go check for it on youtube. Yes the depiction of some female characters in comics always has bordered on bad taste, whoever the New 52 to seems to have taken this to a new level, and also taken the wrath of fans on the chin also. Well people by and large think Catwoman’s sex scenes where at least in character, the really problem seem to be with the way Starfire was depicted. I saw just one panel and felt it was a alien expressing her thoughts about sex, seeing how she is from a different planet and all but that was one panel. So I total get why people are upset. However, we all need to put on are business hats on and talk about facts. To start with no one out side of long time fan are reading comics, We all know this and accept this as fact. Now some people think that means that young woman and girls would be one major part of the push to gain new read. Some people would be wrong. For those of you who know nothing of business or entertainment the most prized group of consumers are 18-25 year old white males. Why? Because the have the most disposable income, next would be 12-17 white male because the have the most access to their parents income. Next would be non-white males in the same age ranges and then woman. I here you thinking “Ken get to the point you obnoxiously (intelligent), (very handsome) bastard.” the point is this the people who would be most offended by sexism In comics are the 5 most important group to any company not directly serving woman. In plan English companies basically think this of woman: NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK! Is this crap, unfair, bullS##t? Yes. What can be done? While the companies would say Two things. Nothing or like it. As for women who care about comics like Babs, haydenclaireheroes, Xerox Kitty, RazzaTazz, and many other have to know their opinions ( as much as we on comic vine may find them interesting) unfortunately matter very little to D.C. or Marvel. That how the world works, so until we fix that we comic readers need to look past these things if we want to enjoy characters we have loved before. So unless the rest of the world is ready to tackle this issue it’s not going to be tackled in comics. It makes me angry that woman don’t matter has much as the should but at the same time I love massive breast and a round muscular butt. Some do what ever must be done to kill the hydra of sexism, racism and ect. I just wanted to put some prospective on this talk. I not saying to woman don’t be angry or unhappy about this, or just get over it. I just want to point out that to changes this, life need to change first. Art imamates life.

God Bless you all and Peace.



The 3 reasons the DC reboot will fail.

Hello my brothers and sisters my true love to you all, 

Let me tell you about the DC “what ever they’re calling it” and why I can accurately predict it will fail.

Going on recent statement made by Dan DiDio made to Bleeding Cool one can see there are three major flaws in this vision of the future. The first and most obvious one is their choice to target 18-34 male age group. The problem with this is that is by and large is the group who already reads comics. You will not increase sales by targeting people already reading you books. The second one is expanding the “beyond universe”. Batman Beyond is popular however it also had a pre-built fan base and fairly set over arching story line from the cartoon show. No other beyond title will have this, meaning it the writes and artist do not get it right off the bat their done. Bring me to the third and final point, The sales numbers he wants from the titles or he will cancel them. Setting a side the technical business of what exactly is good sales in today’s comic world. Many titles take years to build to a point of fan base. While title like Bat-man or Superman don’t need to worry second stringers like Mr. Terrific or new guy like Bat wing don’t have much hope of sticking around long. In short in my view the only thing that D.C. gets out of this is pissed off fans, unless these title are somehow amazing. This is not bitching or whatever just reality , I have no problem with the reboot but I don’t really want or need it.


Peace and Love



Why taking care of your fans matters. no matter how small gesture

Greetings my brothers and sisters. I send love to you all. Peace and Happiness.


So today thoughts go on to another passion of my Pro wrestling. Bare with me I bring it back around. Recently WWE has taken the step to remove any connection to wrestling at all. Their wrestlers are now superstars or entertainers, and WWE stands for nothing now just letters. So in effect they are ashamed of being a pro wrestling show. What that tell me is their fine taking my money and time but are afraid to admit what I am paying for. This pisses me off, I am not ashamed to be a wrestling fan. But WWE think I should be. So here is my comics point. For all the bitching and moaning we fans do over the companies, They at least stand with us in are hobby. Despite Comic Books really still not being all the way many stream, the companies are not ashamed of what the sell, it take balls to do that in a profit driven world . So yes companies do some dumb things but at the end of the day they treat us better then many of our other hobbies.


Your ideas, Peace and Love



Role Models, Comic readers, FanPeople and PowerGirl's Breasts

Hello Once again my flower children my unlimited love to you all,  
FUN Ken Fact : I love Breasts. Big, huge, Fake, Real, ect. I love them all.   
Now don't run away there is a point to this. Some people think that they are bad, and one of their favorite targets is Powergirl. Now I get and understand what their driving at Objectification of woman, Sexist, ect. However there is one issue I think people miss. There was and still is a fear of a woman who is sexual confident, at least in The USA. now we could argue the point out but that not what I want to do with this. I am just putting out reasons that people criticize Powergirl. Their trump card if you will is that PowerGirl is in someway a bad role model for young girls. Which if one actually reads the books you find Powergirl to be a strong and independent hero. These people simple assume that because she is nice to look at she must be there just to titillate (no Pun intended, Okay maybe a small one). We all know this stuff but the bigger issue is this. What kind of world do we live in that a child would turn to a comic book for anything other then fun? if there are not real people they can look up to as positive role models, Then we are screwed. And the size and loveliness of Powergirl’s breasts has nothing to do with it.

The other thing I want to bring up is the "battle " Between comic readers and fanpeople. There is similar issue in videogame circles. Basically one side is This : people who read comics well drinking brandy in front of there fire. drinking in the subtext with joy. (Comic Readers) and the other side: sitting on there bed with a beer and in their underwear and smiling just watching Batman break a guys face. (FanPeople). Both these parties have nothing but utter hate for the other. You know what their both wrong. Because doing one and not the other means your doing it wrong. Because sometimes I love reading Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman with a snifter of port. and other times I love Pounding back a Molson well Spawn rips The Clown a part. In the end we all enjoy comics. so respect both ways, try both way and always respect each other.

Hopefully I made you Think


Real Life super Villains! sorta

   Hello once again, my unlimited love to you all. Super Villains are only supposed to be in comic books right? I thought so too. Until recently when I started to read about two people. Nicolas Sarkozy and Julian Assange. Now first Sarkozy, I love France and French People, and I really Love French food. so no offense to them but This man reminds me of a super villain kind of like Doctor Doom but less smart. some of the things he says are or almost are racist. now Assange is a little different, I don't see him is acting like a villain he just looks like one. That long following white/blonde hair, he like Christopher Walken in the one Bond Movie. He is also a information broker.Again O don't know these men but it's just a feeling i get . they both are as close as the word will get to really Bond like super villains. so are there people you know who are like Super villains? Let me know who you would not be surprised to see petting a white cat? 
Peace and Love



Cause I am Stronger Just A Little Longer


Must reads, If you a fan of the bad guys!

Hello all you flower children, my unlimited love to you all. This time I want to highlight what are in my opinion the two finest studies of comic book villains in the a last few years. I am talking of course about the Brian Azzarello written and Lee Bermejo drawn “Joker” and “Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel.” The Luthor book is a brilliant, frightening, and heartbreaking look at a man who many people think is a villain but could be the real hero. It actual is a love story for the most part. Lex falls in love with the bio engineered super hero Hope. Throw in a very sleazy take on Toyman, a Bruce Wayne cameo, and a flawless story, it maybe the finest Superman one shot ever. Joker is equally as good as Luthor but you have to read a little more between the lines. One scene caused some people to freak out. It showed the Joker crying on his knees in front of Harley. It took me sometime to understand the scene and now I love it. It shows just how far Joker is gone. It show he may have some humanity left and that even if he wanted to stop he could not. It reinforces the idea that Joker is just being not doing. Told form the view of Joker’s new right hand man it’s a look at just what being the Joker is all about. Add in some really inventive takes on Killer Croc, Harley, and The Riddler it is a must read for any Batman fan. Check them out and you love’em like I do.


Peace and Love



Cause I am Stronger Just A Little Longer.    


Being afraid of something completely different!!! All Star Batman


Hello, Brothers and Sister,

My unlimited love to you all. it as come to my attention that people are afraid of things that are different. Now this is by no means a real revelation, however it as started to really tweak me as of late. And well I respect people's right to have an opinion on different matters I don't always respect the opinion. Case in point All Star Batman & Robin. Nearly every Batman Fan boy hates this title. So being a Batman Fan boy who liked it I am in the very tiny minority. Was it perfect? no. Was it the Best Batman ever? Hell no. What it was, was one different and two fun. I feel that instead of having the blank slate approach to it most people read it and because it was not Batman the way they thought it should be, they hated it. This is a problem. People did not hate it because it was badly drawn( it was not) or changed Batman to a really extreme degree ( sure he was a prick in the book but nothing else really changed) they hate it because it was different. it's like saying you hate Picasso's self portrait because it's not The Mona Lisa. The same thing happened to Heath Ledger’s Joker but on a smaller scale. Even thought he is the best live action Joker, people hated it because it was a little less traditional. (Yes that right way better then Ceaser Romero and just a little better the Jack Nick. Not to say some day there won’t be a better Joker.) Some of the Best Stories come from changing know thing a little. I mean without that ElseWorlds and What if...? would have never happened.
I not trying to get you to recant any dislike or opinions but just asking you keep an open mind. Had I let my mind close I would have missed a comic I enjoyed. So from now on approach every new take on a familiar character with a blank slate. And I can promise you that you'll have alot more fun

Peace cause I'm the god damn

Cause I am Stronger just a little Longer.


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