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I kind of love that this is the only one shot issue of Multiversity (so far at least) to have a happy ending. It fits the character quite well. I really enjoyed this issue. It didn't quite reach the highs of Pax Americana for me, but that like saying "This really awesome thing was slightly more awesome than this other really awesome thing."

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I was hoping for Octavia Spencer, but Viola Davis is pretty excellent in everything she does, so I'm sure she'll be great.

And oof at some of the comments in this thread. Some pretty bad racism and body shaming. Hopefully the mods will get some of this stuff cleared out.

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I mean, I think that Superman's Joker will always be Lex Luthor because he's the anti-Superman just like the Joker is the anti-Batman. The Joker isn't important because he's a psychopath, he's important because he's Batman's polar opposite.

That said, the idea that Superman has to learn to deal with a true psychotic from Batman is cool. I might have to give the book another shot. I wanted to like the first arc, but found it to be a bit of a confusing mess.

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Huh, swapping out creative teams each arc is an interesting idea. It fits with a character as schizophrenic as Moon Knight can be. I think I'll keep reading the book in trade, naturally.

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Huh. The new colors definitely make the book look more modern, but I also kind of feel like the original colors should be preserved somehow. It'd be cool if they basically just stuck the whole thing in there twice, once with the new colors and once with the old colors, but that would probably make them too expensive.

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Some of these are pretty surprising. Arkham Manor and Klarion sure were short lived and they're really cleaning house with the Lantern books.

It's too bad about Batwoman.

EDIT: Oh, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that Brian Buccellato is taking over Injustice, so I'm guessing it's just relaunching.

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@brenderous said:

Was I the only I couldn't get into Powers. I got the first volume, but I found the constant reuse of panels kinda annoying.

The repeated art is pretty egregious in the first volume, but it gets way better after that. I was initially put off for the exact same reason, and it was a while before I tried the second and third and got hooked.

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It's a both a blessing and a curse that Staples is only doing three issues. It's good because it keeps Saga on schedule, but it's a bummer because she's such a good artist. Hopefully their replacement artists are just as good, and maybe she can come back and do a couple issues each time Saga is on break.

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The last episode I wantched was the third one, so maybe I need to get caught up on Hulu.

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It sure looks like Batman shot down a manned helicopter with that giant gun on his car. I mean, I can get over the cannons and stuff on the Batmobile. Batman has used theoretically non-lethal military tech like that since The Dark Knight Returns, and they get around it by saying that the tanks in the game are remote controlled, but it sure looked like that chopper had a pilot sitting in the cockpit.