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Jack wins, I've played all the metal gear solid games and ive never been impressed with the characters. rising made raiden a badass but i didnt see anything that jack cant replicate or even do better, cept for lifting ray. ive seen some pretty good strength feats in jack though and i remember the scot can throw tanks but nothing the size of a metal gear ray. still giving it to jack though

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Superman already kills Goku with ease, you essentially have Superman here with a power ring making it a bigger stomp.

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@lvenger: Didn't the Doomsday during "In the Name of Gog" have emotions?

#4 Edited by KenbuKaiten (20 posts) - - Show Bio just PM'd me and told me that Bills was 15000x stronger than SSJ3 Goku and when I asked you for proof you pulled a bunch of numbers out of no where with no evidence or any solid mathematical calculation on how you arrived at this conclusion. It's because of people like you that I'm happy DBZ threads are banned again

@lvenger said:

I totally agree with this decision. DBZ fans can get extremely immature and argumentative from my experience. Not to say I haven't seen comic fans do the same but DBZ seems to bring out the worst debaters from the site. Anyway I'm glad the use of them in tournaments and Challenge A Viner threads has been kept. At least in those kinds of debates, people can talk civilly about DBZ.

100% agreed, I think it's a combination of 3 things.

1 being that the new DBZ movie has come out, and even though no one outside of Japan has seen it and if someone managed to get their hands on a pirated version, the only way they would understand it is they were fluent in Japanese since there is no English sub, but DBZ fans are eager to put Bills [ the new villain] on the same level as Odin or Galactus despite no evidence

2nd being that DBZ fans, even some of the most die hard one's, aren't familiar with the manga which is the canon material, and constantly use anime feats, which are non canon.

and 3rd being that DBZ fans are still sorely butthurt about Goku losing Death Battle and are still trying to redeem themselves.

Either way, good bye and good riddance to DBZ threads

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@p0rtal: Here's the thing, Piccolo never stated that Bills could one shot a galaxy, his words were that the galaxy may cease to be. This implies that Bills is a threat to the galaxy, not that he can blow one up

I haven't seen the other statement so I can't say for certain but Piccolo certainly didn't say that

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Halo 3

God of War 3

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@blacharrt1 said:

@pokeysteve: @kenbukaiten: she hasn't been depowered her strength level and speed, has been lowered to match peak human. She still has her healing factor, which Cass has not counter for. Nor can Cass read her movement. Show me something from new 52, that puts Cass fighting any aliens and automatically being able to read their moves? Or did that get nerfed with new 52?

She hasn't appeared in the New 52 yet (despite the enormous fan outcry). I don't understand why you're having a hard time with this move reading deal.

Well the obvious answer is that given blacharrts posting history he's clearly Marvel biased.

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Yes bills is a galaxy buster but that is Manga feats

Anime feats are much better as there is more destruction

Anime is also non canon, but I'm pretty sure movie characters don't exist in the manga including Bills unless there has been a BOTG's manga that was recently released

I'd also like to see evidence of Bills being able to destroy a galaxy or a solar system and not hyperbolic statements, because you'd have to be 3250x more powerful than SSJ3 to destroy a solar system, since according to kili and simple math SSJ3 Goku should be able to destroy 400 planets

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@jackofspades said:

@xeon1cs said:

@jackofspades said:

@dredeuced said:

Apocalypse's superspeed is effectively not super speed compared to Barry. It'd be like a snail gaining the speed of a slightly faster snail. Apoc's got other means. Barry's main shot is BFR and, if he were bloodlusted, disintegration through phasing frequency.

apocalypse can match the speed of who ever he is facing

Where was it ever stated he can augment his speed to levels such as Flash?

And has he ever teleported out of a dimension? If not, he's stuck in the Speed Force.

well for one not to many people has flash speed in marvel but that does not say he can't and i think he has teleported but can't find the scans Teleportation: Apocalypse can teleport himself and others around vast distances across the planet and has shown the ability to teleport an entire fortress with him while leaving those within behind.

In other words you made that part up about Apocalypse being able to match the speed of anyone he's facing. He isn't even as fast as Quicksilver is, he isn't even as fast as Speed Demon

Who cares if he can teleport? Nightcrawler can teleport, does that mean he can react to Flash?

There isn't anything Poccy can do here, he gets splattered all over the canvas.

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Which Captain Marvel?

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