Spider-Man Big Time

I know I'm a bit behind the curve but I thought it'd go out and put my thoughts on Spider-Man's Big Time before I go scampering off tomorrow morning to harass the local comic book shop for issue number 649. Let's break Spidey's new story into the key components that was really what this comic was all about.  

Step 1 -The Supervillains   
While I am super glad that they've put Doctor Octopus back into the spotlight. His overhauled character design is pretty cool, especially with his tiny little octo-bots crawling around, but I still think having his arms all crossed up makes him look kinda vulnerable. I really liked Marko Djurdjevic's rendition of him. Adding that giant green cloak over him added mystery and also hid any physical vulnerabilities we might believe from his wizened form. The appearance of Chameleon and Electro was also a lot of fun but my only beef with Electro is that he still seems to be hastily being written as a thug. I mean it seems every time a writer makes a serious effort to emphasize how he's evolved from a D-Level villain to a serious threat (I think he's been "powered up to a whole new level" like 4 times now?) he quickly goes back to being a regular flunky. Rhino and Sandman's appearance there's not much to say, but I am glad they're keeping in pace with Rhino's tragic primal attitudes (Mysterio's also my favorite Spidey villain so I'm glad he was able to pop in for a bit). That being said I'm sooo happy to be seeing Hobgoblin. He was always one of my favorite villains. It was never too personal like Green Goblin or Venom but at the same time he was always a serious threat unlike Shocker (who despite that I still love ^_^) or Scorpion (who we'll be seeing soon apparently). 
Step 2-The New Job  

I'll say this. I'm terribly sad to see Peter hanging up his camera and going off as a scientist. While I'm happy he won't be so strapped for cash I always found Peter   struggling to make his last 20$ last till the end of the week one of the most wonderfully relatable aspects of him so I'm sad to see a close to poor Peter Parker. I also loved that he was a photographer, it was that trait that actually made me develop my passion for photography. I'm also not terribly excited at what his new job is. Working for a research company isn't breaking any new ground. He's worked several research jobs if I recall correctly so there's nothing too exciting here. However, I guess I should be happy Parker's not moving back home with his aunt (I always preferred him living in an apartment, probably because I like apartments over houses).               


Step 3-The Girlfriend  
Speaking of moving out of his place looks like we won't be seeing Michelle anymore. Which makes me sad. When Spider-Man #600 came out I was pleasantly surprised to see Parker end up taking Michelle to Aunt may's wedding. It was a happy moment that I didn't expect but came to enjoy the more I thought about it. Also I was seriously excited at the comedic value of Parker living with his quirky gun carrying girlfriend while trying to be Spider-Man. But alas it seems the writers were not down for this and systematically burned all possible bridges to make this happen. Seriously sad to see her go! While we knew Peter ended up with Carlie Cooper at the end of Brand New Day I kinda wished he ended up with Michelle or Norah (I gave up on ever being lucky enough to imagine MJ and Peter back together again) because Carlie doesn't have the spark of mild friction Norah and Michelle had. Any conflict between Peter and Carlie was more or less "date me or don't". But we'll see how this goes! Oh and an a similar note I was kinda surprised to see Flash shacking up with Betty again. Don't get me wrong I don't really mind them being a couple but they recently reintroduced  Sha Shan Nguyen into the side story concerning Flash's acceptance with his wheelchair condition. Kinda pointless if Betty and Flash are an item. 
I love Spider-Man even though Marvel sometimes seems dead-set on making it a very abusive relationship. Let's hope we can finally put the mess of OMIT and OMD behind us and we can finally start enjoying Spider-Man again.  
In Conclusion: Very excited for the new Spider-Man coming out. Can't wait to see Gargan back in his old threads and Hobgoblin rocking some slightly new ones and Spidey rocking some new ones and an unknown person rocking the Venom threads (seriously lots of wardrobe mixing going on!) and I'll definietly review it ASAP. 
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