Stuff I like...

I just wanted to post a blog for that quest thing. I'm just gunna post random shiiiz. 

I enjoy watching Skins. My favorite character is Effie. 
It is one of my favorite shows along with House,
Big Band Theory, Whitest Kids U'Know, Weeds, 
True Blood, and others.  

I love graphic design and aspire to someday build 
webpages, or professionally edit magazine covers, 
or playboy, or something awesome like that. The 
image on the right is something I made for my 
concept part of my graphic design portfolio.   
I also love music. I know everyone loves music. 
I love most any music, as long as its quality music. 
I love rock music the most, bands I like include 
The Used, Schoolyard Heroes, Lady Gaga, HIM, 
Anberlin, Emarosa, Queen, Sex Pistols, Vendetta 
Red, and others. 
I doubt anyone is going to read this, but it is here, done.
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