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No, I don't like it. Seeing her fight crime with only her intelligence was interesting. Seeing her just punch and kick like dozens of other DC characters is a big step back.  The Birds of Prey dynamic was interesting. It's a shame they're going to throw that away by bringing Babs into the field making it like every other team being led from the front.  
They haven't thought this through, and they're not going to make this work.  
(P.S. They should give Cass her own damn series again too)

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Marriage is a journey not a destination. There were/are plenty of challenges left for their relationship.

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Why not just make Joker a mute quadriplegic? It's not even inhumane, because the Joker will just think it's funny. 

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Great article. I didn't care about  this before, but this article makes me excited for the new stories involving Venom. 

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When Superman is stuck in the slums fighting as a gladiator, it's noted that he has Super-hygiene, so that even though he's unshaven and his clothes are in tatters, he's still clean.
It's reinforced later by linking the hygiene with his invulnerability, and explaining that he projects an aura of invulnerability that protects his clothes from being blasted off from everything that comes his way. It also helps him stop a falling airplane without simply shredding it to pieces in his hands.