Fictional Places Versus Actual Places

One thing I noticed while watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was that I actually cared for Hogwarts and I didn't want to see it be destroyed.  Well, that's an odd thing to feel about a fictional school now isn't it?  But it was true.  I grew up watching these movies and I have always seen Hogwarts as a magical and heartwarming place.  This wasn't just a school where witches and wizards can learn to do magic things, it was a place where these people lived, it was a place where they had courageous adventures, it was a place where these characters made friendships for a life time.  And to see it get annihilated was just awful.  But it made me realize that this feeling was not done by accident.  It took roughly 7 movies for me to actually care about this building.  A FICTIONAL building for that matter. 
I remember watching a Nostalgic Chick review on Roland Emmerich movies and she made a point that all he did was use landmarks that we already knew and cared about and destroyed them.  He depended on our knowledge and love for the landmarks for us to be emotionally invested in the movie.  And that's pretty weak.  She goes on saying that James Cameron used the tree in Avatar (sorry, I can't remember the name at the moment.  I think it's the living tree?) and showed how the  Na'vi were emotionally invested in the tree and it was devastating to see it get destroyed like that.  We were invested with that tree because the characters were, and that's harder to pull off then just destroying something we already know about. 
Why doesn't that work in comics?  I have heard complaints about DC that they use fictional locations.  For whatever reason they liked Marvel more because they used actual cities.  But isn't it more impressive that you want Superman to save the city of Metropolis even though that doesn't exist?  Well, not really actually.  Ya see, we as the audience never get the chance to actually enjoy and love the cities that DC tries to create.  In the sake of story, Metropolis is just a city and Superman happens to live there.  I, personally, have never read a story where the writers have tried to make one of the DC cities (Gotham, Metropolis, Keystone, etc.) likeable and have us, the audience, care for it.  We only care for them because the characters care for them.  Which, when I put it that way, sounds like it could be enough.  But why should Batman care for Gotham?  He was mostly raised in Wayne Manor which wasn't even in Gotham City.  So to see him defend the place that is supposed to be scummy and awful seems a little off when you think about it.   
I'm just writing this blog because I think DC should have the upper hand here.  It takes better story telling for the audience to be emotionally attached to a fictional location of some sort.  But I still hear all the time that people like Marvel better because they protect a place that actually exist.  (I hope that isn't the only reason why they like Marvel.  I'm just giving examples :P)  So, how come no writer has ever tried to make Gotham or Metropolis a likeable place?  Well, maybe one will now.  


Quests are ridiculous!

Imagine this:  You're sitting at your computer one day, minding your own business, when all of the sudden you think to yourself, "Hm... I wonder what was the first issue Lois Lane was in."  So you go to the only website that'll have the correct answer: Comic Vine.   
You log in, you type in "Lois Lane" on the search bar, and bingo.  Information acquired: Lois Lane's first appearance was in Action Comics #1.  Mission accomplished, and now I can get up and actually do something with my life.   
But wait, what do I see?   
Is that a square at the bottom of the screen?  What does it say?   
"Superman's Flings: 1 of 5 complete" 
1 of 5?  Who the hell else, besides Lois Lane, has Superman ever had a fling with?  Now I'm curious.  I must find the remaining women that have evidently been a part of Superman's life.  But whom?  So I go with the obvious choice: Wonder Woman.  Bingo; another square pops up, "Superman's Flings: 2 out of 5."   
Hold on a second, who could the other's possibly be?   
I enter my files in my brain.  Ah, a Lana Lane seems to come up in my mind.  I type it in.  WHAT?!?!  There is NO Lana Lanes?!!?!?  Then who could this be?   
Now, I'm no Superman fan, so I have to do my research.  I go to the only suitable place to ask this preposterous question; Google.   
I type in the obvious, "Superman's love interests."   
I find a list of girls; Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike, and Diane Kruger.  Ah.... These must be the love interests I'm looking for.  AND OF COURSE!  There's only three of them.  The three I'm looking for?  I type in the first name.  No Alice Eve's either?!!?!  What about the other two?   
Zero pages of any of them.   
Then I actually click on the link.  They were ACTRESSES rumored to play Lois Lane in the anticipated film, The Man of Steel.
I see another link, "Who are some of Superman's Love interests?"   
YES!  Somebody else that has the same difficulties that I am having.  I go to his question and find this as an answer; "Lois Lane is Superman's love interest as an adult, and Lana Lang was Superman's love interest when he lived in Smallville." 


Okay....  So I type her name in again.  BAM!  "Superman Flings: 3 out of 5."  

If it took me this long to find the easy three, then how the hell am I going to find the other two?!!? 
So I go to the only reasonable place next, the forums.   
And there, I find my Lyla, and my Lori Lemaris.  (Man, Superman liked girls that began with the letter "L") 
But this did not satisfy me, it was only one of four other Quests in this Quest Set. 
You turned searching up "Lois Lane", which only should have been 2 minutes at the most, to finding all of these other Quests, which took 2 HOURS!  
*Taking deep breaths*  Hew.... 
Now....  *Taking more deep breaths* with this spiel done...  *more breaths*  ..... *one more breath* I....   I just got the "Vanity Smurf" Quest set done.