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I had to, it's the Kayle thing to do

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They'll get longer when things pick up lol

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@lady_grimm: @_goliath_:

"Love stop I don't need a sales pitch. It's good ya take this Rock, it's profitable that I work with you." The femm fatal made the remark as she took the sucker out of her mouth for a moment. "I suppose I should introduce myself to the rest of you. I am the Intergalactic Pirate Princess, the Universal Queen of Ammunition, The Greatest of The Six Sirens, The One The Only Kayle Aurorez." She bowed in a theatric manner.

It was then that she saw something fantastic. It looked kind of like a dragon bu not one at the same time. A trio of heads made for a unprovable sight of animal ferocity. It's almost gold hued scales was majestic and glittered from the light of the distant sun. It's teeth looked large as tree trunks. Talons that looked able to shred anything. "That hide would sell for trillions. Please tell me I can kill it." Kayle's eyes gleaming with greed. "Oh and your right there is no love, we could work on that though. Or you could buy it." The pirate not skipping a chance to flirt...and maybe steel a position of power for the future. Everything was for sale and or for the taking in her world.

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@thee_champion: inspired slightly by the butler in Hellsing. Requiem combined the Arcani article the physical mastery with a touch of the ranged style(don't know names off top of my head). What it allows is a sort of ranged melee style. She uses razor wires that are a single molecule thin(presumably made of some cool metal but never looked into it). This combined with an almost dance like style and the ability to manipulate the wires makes for an almost invisible dance of blades...I'd be better at explaining if I got to use it more lol

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@pyrogram: bad for whoever the fck is anywhere in his way :p

Awesome post lol

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Was a fun read. Admittedly love any chance to read new stuff from you

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@thee_champion: I should use her more lol really should. Plus I went and got all excited for her fighting style and yet have never gotten to use it. Agree with them also making for some great characters. Maybe I'll do something with her soon have to think on it while at work lol

Amon's the shit one of the best animated villains ever. Possibly thee best.

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@thee_champion: all living organisms(minus who she kills) lol seriously that's who she thinks she needs to save. Further cementing to her why she can't pick a side, such as DC or Amaranth. History is also troubled. Was a rich teen till she discovered her powers. Hearing thoughts of everyone in the state was so intense she burned her home town to the ground. Sense then she was raised by the Arcani. Only reason she's sane is because of her messiah complex drilled into her. Self destructive, check :p

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@thee_champion: while she hasn't played a leader or anything she caries a lot of said magnetism in my opinion. Compassionate easy to get along with, could be a solid leader(if she wanted). A genius, she usually lets her best friend do all the genius stuff(such as gear) but I've never played her as anything but brilliant(being an omega telepath helps). A lot of heroic values(more on that later). Of course she's arrogant, she thinks very high of herself(Albert of the Choir is probably the only person she sees as a equal, and Valerie if she ever meets her). She's also an outcast, doesn't trust the Arcani but was raised by them, should save lives not commit genocide. Not hating all humanity makes her an outcast there. However she joined the Vanguard rather then Darkchild. She thinks she has a lot more to her then just a mutant hero amongst a bunch of others. She might not see herself as a leader but she does think herself a savior. And I know she'd argue for days with dozens of examples if someone said she was wrong lol

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@thee_champion: I haven't gotten to use her much. But yeah pretty much all there. She's an Arcani who kind of strays away and distrusts the Arcani(that alone covers a lot of the traits lol a few posts in the Vanguard team thread.) I love Sara she's a spaz