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Koda Kumi - At the Week End!  

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Ugh I can't remember this girls name, but she has like extra mouths on the palms of her hands and shoulders.... That is her only power they don't even do anything interesting.

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True.... But no Vanessa took those pictures when she was like 16-17 before she had even starred in HSM.
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This is still going on yes? I would very much like to do this! 

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Ugh I am so far behind! I hope when the show is over they come out with some massive DVD collection packed full of extras. I would die! 

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Mel Gibson, but not for the sugar tits comment.... He has done muuuch muuuch much worse. Then again I don't know many kids who even know who Mel Gibson is sooooo. Personally I don't think B, C, or D are bad. B: Whatever big deal, I know tons of people who have nude pictures and she took them before she was/knew she was going to be famous. C: Shit happens. D: Not that bad... she is being a silly teenage girl.

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yeah because that is the EXACT same thing. Give me a break.
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Jeez... I swear people will ALWAYS find something silly to complain about. I find it sad that a symbol on a belt buckle could ruin a movie for people! Get over it! He looks amazing.

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Why thank you! Haha it was a nickname I got while I was in Beauty School!(Well it was VonBlonde because I was blonde at the time, but when I went dark they changed it to Noir). And thank you so very much for the compliments! I have never really thought much of my drawing, but it seems like people around me and online seem to feel differently! I remember Nocturne! Anything in particular you would like her doing/a particular outfit/costume? I usually change/add things as I see fit, and I'm  not promising anything, but I might be able to do it when I have a few spare hours! And Again thank you soo soo much for the compliments. o 3o 
I know! And so far I AM liking Young Justice and my boyfriend Superboy is in it (Although it's like a diff universe/hes a dick so I love him a lil less), I don't think the show will be able to surpass JL/JLA... I feel like it might be like Batman Beyond trying to beat the original TAS(keep in mind I love them both! Not a BB hater here). It just wasn't/didn't happen! Yes Hawkgirl is sooo beautiful! That moment when she finally took her helmet off in JL I almost had a heart attack. 
Awe why thank you very much!! =]
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Ok soo Pretty much I never have as much time to draw as I would like(Curse you DC Universe Online!). So sorry about that! D: I just started re-watching the JL cartoon and welll... My love for Hawkgirl forced me to get off my lazy butt and draw her! This has been done for awhile, but I havent had time to upload it. Well I'm off to work with nooo sleep! Haha I wont promise anything, but hopefully I can get some of the things people would like to see drawn up! Oh and you may have to go to my tumblr  http://kattvonnoir.tumblr.com/    and click the High-Res version... I don't know if its going to look as blurry small on comicvine as it does over there.