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thanks pikahyper, it was one of the few images that had the less text

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I have been reading some issues of the Runaways from Marvel, and i found a lame villain names The Pusher, i just uploaded an image and would like to be the main image of the wiki. Thanks


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Hi to everyone:

This is for all Marvel followers that would like to have some kind of a list for all the comics of marvel, i made a file in Excel, a very long list of if not all the comics a lot of them, i think almost all, i didnt include reprints, omnibus or hardcovers, just the plain issues of every volume i could find on www.comics.org and everything related to Marvel. I typed almost all i could find even the newest comics until this week.

Since it is a file in Excel you can paint the cells on the comic you have or everything you like like add photos or everything really, i hope you like it, to me it is a help for the continuity of the issues and can be of help to all you too, i spent several months making this, so here it is for all of you.


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I was waiting this May 4th for a movie to appear on theaters, but later discovered that it was a finnish movie and wont even be released on Mexico or any country on America, i really wanted to watch it, it is called Iron Sky, just imagine it Nazis that came to Earth after 70 years, and were hiding on the dark side of the moon, a movie i wanted to see, will wait until is released.

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I have read all the Ultimate Marvel Comics, and the character i have liked best is Reed Richards, i loved how he turned into a maniac and created a futuristic society in thousands of years that was just months for the ultimates, and then take it to the earth just like that.

Also Red Skull was amazing how was his story so twisted.

So which Ultimate Character you like/prefer?

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I think Thanos has very great plans too, very intelligent villain

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when i find single issues i buy them, but preferably TPB and Omnibuses (at least here in Mexico, not sure if there are Omnibuses in other countries)

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powered armor

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Black Widow and

Coat of Arms

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