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Red heads are not nearly as common in real life as they are in comics. At least not in the US, but I would imagine there are a ton in Ireland and Scotland. Also where are all the red headed men in comics? I can only think of Speedy, Daredevil and Hellstorm

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@Agent09: Go with Batman, its great. Justice League has been very mediocre since the relaunch.

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My favorite book is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. I'm currently reading How to Rock Your Baby by Erin Bried, it a parenting book.

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2000 AD #1787
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I@WillPayton said:

@Katie24 said:

Do you prefer dill pickles or sweet pickles?

Ahh, the hard-hitting questions. Are you a professional investigative reporter by any chance? :-P

No. Although I was an editor for MoveOn.org for awhile. I just like to keep people on their toes.

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Do you prefer dill pickles or sweet pickles?

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You come on here and try to present you opinions as facts and say things that are simply not true.Than when people correct you and with actual facts you cave and try to play it off as people ganging up on you. Maybe you should just make sure you know what you are talking about before you talk about it.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:


I'll give you the example of stimulus packages and how, in my opinion, they do more harm than good. The major brands of auto dealers in Michigan and the US accepted a bailout package that would give them millions and millions of dollars (forgot the amount, probably in the billions) in order to boost them up.

There where a few companies though that didn't accept it, or rather, didn't follow the same procedures as the others (to be honest, I don't know jack about how this works. I'm a freaking science major; I study rocks, not cars.)

Now the companies that did accept the bailouts are in duress, while the ones that didn't are booming business.

Now why is that? Surely spending money that people don't have on cars in the billions must work. Surely the plan was full proof and to aid people in getting affordable cars. Or else cars that are more suited for European terrain than US terrain.

And I live in California too. All my life. I hear a lot of the new laws passed in San Francisco. Half of them are ridiculous (like no pets allowed to be bought within the city? No soda or snack foods to be sold via vending machines? No toys in happy meals because it encourages children to get fat?)

That's not true GM just reported record profits in their last quarter. Also, you say in a lot of your statements that you are not sure about something that you state as fact or that you are not sure of something and then make an excuse for not knowing much about what you are talking about. I can not take you seriously because of this.

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I do still blame Obama. People worship him like its the 2nd coming of Christ. The last I heard about the economy ratings was that it's still right around 7.5-8 percent of people without jobs and stuff.

I'll admit, the notion of Desert Storm was a bit foggy (Hell I don't know what was the cause of it in the first place outside of Saddam Hussein), but we got into Iraq because the US lost innocent people in an unprovoked attack that killed not only citizens and children, but also foreign visitors.

The first war (Desert Storm I guess?) was I think around the time of the Clinton administration, well before G.W. got elected. The 2nd war, or the war that I do know, was to find the cell that orchestrated 9/11 and bring them to justice. Then people say it was to prevent non-existing nuclear bombs. (for crying out loud I was in elementary school when this happened. I only vaguely remember any of this)

Ah! My brain hurts!

But the fact of the matter is , at least from what I know or "claim to know", is why are we still recessed? If the president is doing such kick ass job, why is everything re-tarded? (not the name calling word, the original definition of the word. It means to "hold back")

It may not be as bad in other states, but California is in deep Hell. More and more taxes increase, gas prices hitting 4 dollars plus in places.

I just want this to be over. Now. I've listened to promises from a politician, been yelled at that his word is gold and that I'm full of manure to doubt. But I want a return to the Regan era. An era that I've never experienced, and most likely never will again. I want to live in a united states. Not a divided nation.

Actually Desert Storm started under Bush seniors administration because Iraq was threatening to invade Kuwait. The reason why things kinda suck still is because the Republicans would vote down nearly all stimulas bills presented. The ones that were past were watered down to the point of being nearly ineffective. I live in California and it is not hell.