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So are we still allowed to talk politics and religion?

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1) What do you classify yourself as? Atheist, Agnostic, Deist or other ( please explain)


2) Explain your personal beliefs of a higher power or lack thereof?

I believe in science. I believe everything can be explained through science.

3) Did you ever believe in a higher power?

No. Not even as a small child and I was raised Catholic, even went to Catholic school and church on Sunday, the whole nine yards.

4) What events or logic led you to this line of thinking?

It just made no sense to me on a factual level. I understood it on an emotional level and an anthropological level. Humans needed to put their faith into something, needed a way to explain the unknown a way to establish morals into the immoral. But I have never seen any real evidence and I just cannot invest myself into something that has no basis in reality.

5) Have you ever been persecuted or frowned upon because of your non-traditional way of thinking?

Yes. Actually, it got me kicked out of Catholic school.

6) Why do you think people believe in a creator when there is no tangible evidence?

Good people believe in it to give them peace of mind and inner strength. Bad people believe in it to control, judge and persecute others.

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I would check out the following books:

  • The Essential Batman Encyclopedia
  • Batman: The Ultimate Guide to the Dark Knight
  • Batman and Philosophy: The Dark Knight of the Soul
  • Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight
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@BlackArmor said:

Physically I haven't noticed much difference that can't be attributed to the artist


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I agree Morrison's work is really over rated.

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Captain Marvel and Captain America. And Sif and Thor should have a kid ( they are already married and it would be interesting to see what kind of god/goddess the kid would be). It would be cool if Swamp Thing and Abigail Arcane cause there powers have two opposing sources.

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@NerdsFTW said:

Don't read comics.

Then why are you on a comics book forum site?

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  • Rachel Maddow
  • Coby Smulders
  • Gillian Anderson

I would totally bang them like a screen door in a hurricane. (Sorry, I just jump at any opportunity to use that line.) :P

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1) Male or Female: Doesn't matter

2) Over 50yrs old or Under 50yrs old: Doesn't matter

3) Believes in God or Atheist: Doesn't matter as long as they don't impose or project their religious (or lack thereof) onto the American people.

4) Successful Business Man or Successful Educator

5) Personality: Earth or Water or Fire or Air Bender O.o

6) Pro-Choice or Pro-Life

7) Free Education or Free Health Care: Both

8) Gun Control: More or Less

9) Pro-Gay Marriage or Anti-Gay Marriage

10) Main Priority: Economy or Education or Healthcare or Other_______________: All three

11) Foreign Policy: Mind our business or establish better relations with other countries that doesn't involve any military force (Diplomacy please!!!)

12) Taxes: Everyone pay same percentage or rich pay more

13) Taxes: Flat tax rate or allow credits(EITC, School credits, Mortgage credit,business credits etc

14) Credit Scores: abolish credit scores or keep them as is.

15) What should the President's salary be? $____________ : Doesn't matter as long as its reasonable

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Wonder Woman, Batwoman, Earth-2, Dial H and JL: Dark are all great.