Posted by krilling

No. Phantom has to go solo..

Posted by kartron

@krilling said:

No. Phantom has to go solo..

Why do you say so? The reason I mentioned was I though with his new invisibility feature and all the techs, he would make a great addition to the league.

Posted by RazzaTazz

Nice addition!

Posted by Nerd Of A Hero

LOL, No. Just No.

Posted by krilling
@kashyaprn: Yeah his new features are dope. It's just I can't imagine him in a team.
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@krilling: @Nerd Of A Hero: respect ur opinions! :)

@RazzaTazz: Thanks :) did some photoshopping there :)

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@Nerd Of A Hero


Just curious to know. According to you what does it take for him to be in the league? Lets say he chucks the horse, wolf and the jungle itself, and gets a hypercycle and mind controlled laser guns and additional advanced weapons?

Posted by Superguy0009e

i think he could do a 90's Batman on the team, not be there for the team constantly, just when they needed him

Posted by kartron

@Superguy0009e: Ha ha... Tweaking it a little bit. He could fill in when Batman is away and unavailable when needed! :P

Posted by spawndon

no no, Phantom is best when solo.