Spider-Man Carnage - Believe it or Not!

I had seen several interesting stuff at the Ripley's Believe it or not museums across United States but I was particularly very excited with this find and wanted to share with you fellow comic viners out there.

This is from the Ripley's museum downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee. A Spider-Man painting done on a canvas whose surface is prepared out of raw spider-web! yes thats right, raw spider-web!!!!!

Here is the small note that said below the painting -

"Believe it or Not! this depiction of Marvel Comic's super hero "Spiderman" and his arch nemesis "Carnage", was created by Mexican artist Enrique Ramos from real spider webs! Using a technique that he developed, Mr. Ramos mixes soap and water with raw spider webs to create a 'wafer-like' canvas on which he paints his masterpieces."

How cool is that? If at all you are around Gatlinburg anytime, be sure to check this cool painting out.... Take a look at the painting below:

Spider-Man Vs Carnage - A Spider-Web made painting!

Here are some of Enrique Ramos's more interesting works for Ripley's:

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Posted by CrimsonCake

One of the greatest pieces of Fan art.

Posted by TheCrowbar

That's so awesome.

Posted by danhimself


Posted by kashman

Wow!! Amazing!

Posted by InfamousFish

Nice find.

Posted by kartron

@CrimsonCake: @TheCrowbar: @danhimself: @kashman: @InfamousFish:

Thanks! have been wanting to post this since April this year.. Finally found time to put it out! :)

Posted by Damocles

That's REALLY neat!