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Cowboys and Angels

The West. A place of  debauchery and sin. Sex fills every home and alcohol flows down the streets like water down a stream. Its best definition: A modern day Sodam and Gamora. While God promised to leave the human race to its own devices, His wrath and  disappointment is well known throughout heaven and his true children have grown tired of the near infinite mercy and forgiveness He shows His favored sons and daughters. The angels of heaven have decided to shoulder the burden of man and will now explicitly and harshly reveal their jealousy toward the unjust and wicked humans. With the near full power of heaven coming down on Earth and their Holy Father turning their back on them only one thing that can save them is a little old-school gunslinging. The story takes place 7 years after the initial assault with the humans finally  beginning to understand how to fight the once sacred soldiers of God. By using guns condemned by a priest and bullets made of metal cooled in soiled holy water, the cowboys are finally fighting back and things are about to get messy with just a hint of sacrilegious.
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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
" @kareem said:


Those are awesome! I would love a Steampunk Comic book world! Though, I don't understand why the Sandman has a lightsaber...  EDIT: Oh, duh; that's Darth Vader. Sorry, I was thinking Marvel/DC only. "
I feel the exact same way. It started off as a phase but now i love Steampunk! It is just to awesome for words.
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If Superman uses his heat vision he could either vaporize the surrounding water for miles or boil Arthur alive. Or he could grab him and throw him into orbit or freeze him and everything in their surrounding area.

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jokes obviously don't translate well in text. all though to be honest for someone who lives in New York she does wear the bare minimum.

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it starts off with them staring at the board and bruce thinking one step ahead, then t'challa two steps ahead, then bruce three steps ahead, etc. an hour later not a single chess piece has been moved and they call a draw.

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off the top of my head I can only think of her wearing it during Kingdom Come

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@Shadowdoggy: of course. Just saying that where I'm from a female dresses like that she comes with a price tag. just approaching her super name from a completely visual perspective
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Going on costume: Slut 
                                    Easy Rider 
Going on costume/powers: Mind Slut 
                                                  Brain(this is both about her telepathy and a slang term) 
                                                  White Diamond 
Going on Powers: TeleDiamond 
                                  Mind Trick 
                                  Hard Thought           
Going on personality: B!tch                      

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i vote Spider-Man, I think a better match for him would have been superman