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A younger Lena Olin or Alice Krige.

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I watched Legend of the Guardians today and it is so clear that Zack Snyder could have made a fantastic Superman film. He had all the perfect story elements lined up to make a greatly enjoyable film, except they were assembled in the wrong way.

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I always liked the idea of Supes being at around the power level of his début or a bit more, he could lift a few tons, fly at near supersonic speed and could take 20mm fire, but it would definitely hurt if you hit him a tank gun or big artillery shell.

However Superman would have some solar energy reserves to temporarily boost his abilities to Silver Age levels if required, but this would be extremely strenuous and could leave him completely exhausted afterwards or it might even injure him, with permanent damage. This would allow Superman to still pull off amazing feats, but at a significant cost. Sun dipping as an extra boost might be an option in emergencies like Darkseid paying Earth a personal visit.

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We barely saw the Man of Steel do something super and they are already tossing in Bats, WW, Doomsday etc ... I know DC/WB wants to distance itself in every way possible of the way Marvel has been doing things, but it sounds like a very heavy agenda for a single film.

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Her "size" is trivial, we need an actress that can command attention, appear intelligent and wise, has empathy with people and looks like she could tear up a biker bar without breaking into a sweat. The size can be added through training, CGI, padding, costume, clever lighting, body doubles, mutagens or a nuclear reactor ...

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Clay, respect the classics. The whole demigod thing is trying to make the character fit a certain mould rather than make the story fit the character. The whole gods thing is just an attempt to bank on the current craze of having a large cast of nasty, spiteful dysfunctional idiots who hate each other, but have to stay together for some arbitrary reason like Lost, Walking Dead, Under The Dome, and a dozen other ensemble cast shows current out there. They made her a goddess so she's stuck with the family from hell and instead of being the smart, clever one, they just made her into a clueless, violent enforcer with a heart of gold.

They didn't revise the character to make her more interesting, they just made her fit a gimmick that is currently very popular and DC, who have no clue how to handle a character that doesn't have the letters A, B and T in their name, decided that WW might sell more if they just pulled a "Lost" on her, drowning her into a bunch of superfluous characters.

Still waiting for a new creative direction, anything is bound to be better than the current run.

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Snyder is a good director (as long as it doesn't get too gimmicky) and with the right scenario he should do OK, but I don't trust him or Goyer to put something decent on paper.

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The whole adopted bit sounds a bit weird in that the Starks adopted THAT kid that happens to look like Howard AND is a genius ...

I guess this is what happens when they don't lock a character down to prevent any random idiot from making changes like a vandal writes something obscene on freshly laid concrete.

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@lvenger said:

@gokuwarrior: Let's not turn this into a New 52 vs Pre Flashpoint/Azzarello argument shall we? All I've shown is the likelihood of Wonder Woman having to share the limelight with other Leaguers. Remember that Azzarello's title is basically excluded from the rest of the New 52 anyway.

WW's movies is one of DC's 10 best selling animated movies,so why they said she didn't make enough money?,why didn't they explain?.

That's what happens when people report hearsay instead of doing their job and look things up.

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If this was a standalone comic, I would give it two thumbs up, it's a nice tale of the Greek Gods in a contemporary setting, too bad Wonder Woman feels like she was inserted after the thought.

She has no personality, no grip on her own story (technically it's not even her own story), everybody hates her, and most of her distinctive features are not shown, merely mentioned in dialogue. It's like somebody is redesigning Wonder Woman to be a custom-fit movie role for Kirsten Stewart ...