Is the new 52 just another event ?

After Flashpoint DC rebooted their universe, some characters hardly budged (Batman) others went through thorough changes to their origins (Wonder Woman, Cyborg) or backstory (most Wildstorm characters)

And then there is the mysterious Pandora confronted by Phantom Stranger who was aware of a previous DC universe. A plotline which is still unresolved.

I still can't shake off the belief we are in the middle of one of the largest crossover events and that something big is lurking around the corner.

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Posted by htb106

It's not an event.

We already have seen the cover to Green lantern No. 18, 18 months makes it pretty clear that it's not an event.

DC have said they're not ever going back.

I don't want them to go back, New 52 persuaded me to read comics and now I'm an official geek.

Posted by danhimself

wouldn't that be if Barry Allen were hit in the head and when he woke up he discovers that the New 52 has just been a horrible dream

Posted by TheBigRedCheese

I'm afraid not.

Posted by Adnan

It's odd how we're a year in and it's still being billed by DC as "The New 52".

Posted by Suprman

We're a year into it at this point, there's no turning back. I wish they would change the logo back to the old one though.