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I'm in on this. I loved X-Tinction Agenda. It was the first major X-Book story I read and it had major impacts (Storm's reaging, Death of Warlock, Rahne and Rictor's powers evolving). I'm interested to see what all happens from here with this alternate universe take.

Not too keen to see the brainwashed mutate looks back though.

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I'm so excited for this and for the Simone written Nightwing/Oracle issues.

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Looks really cool and I like how she explains her version of "Ordinary"

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Satellite Sam or Bitch Planet maybe?

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@abdullahzubair: The funny thing about the name is that it's the fans that have been calling her that. While I'm sure Marvel would have come up with something like Gwen Stacey: The (something) Spider-Woman, this is the name that fans really have been promoting and considering that this is a book born out of pure fandom demand, I think its a good choice.

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Robots vs Zombies!! We all win!!

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Nice! Put him on Doctor Strange!!!

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Hey Comic Vine Gang!!

This is a question for Corey and Matt.

A few weeks ago, I went into my LCS and the woman behind the counter asked if I could smell anything weird. Other than the faint smell of carpet cleaner and that damp scent you get after cleaning the whole house (a PacNW thing I think), I didn't smell anything odd. She then told me that the store upstairs had a vat of pickle juice break, and seep through their ceiling and into the shop. Apparently the whole store smelled of pickles for most of the day and apparently it had just began to fade before they closed. They quickly cleaned it up and said that no damage was done to the comics or other products but it was a very odd start to Comic Book Wednesday.

So my question: Have either of you had any odd events like this occur in your shops. It doesn't have to be a rain of pickle juice or anything food related but any kind of funny store-related chaos that threw everyone for a loop that day.

One Rule: No Diamond related stories, since we all know that Diamond shipping errors can always make Comic Book Wednesday chaotic.

Keep up the great work.


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I'm currently unable to post comments on articles. When I click Submit I get a red error banner stating "There was an error posting your comment."

I have closed my browser, cleared the cache and cookies, and logged in/out of my account.

I still can't post comments.