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DJ and Comic nerd.

I produce a weekly online radio show called Darkbohemia that features the latest in Gothic, Industrial, EBM, and Synthpop music. I also occasionally DJ at the local "spooky" club here in Seattle, The Mercury.

I'm also a contributing writer for Grave Concerns Ezine and Extollere, where I write music and comic book reviews (respectively). Its fun and I get to explain why I enjoy these two things that make my life so rich while introducing new people to the bands/books. Music and Comics have been a constant in my life since a young age, so I enjoy any opportunity to share them with other people.

I enjoy comics from indie publishers, the Big 2, webcomics, manga, and sometimes the newspaper. Lately I've been loathe to review the Big 2 books since they are fun and I enjoy them but I can't really express why I loved them so much. Plus there is that deep-rooted cynicism that any major dynamic shifts in Big 2 properties will reset.

If anyone is interested in the musical stuff I cover, please message me. I'm always happy to share my projects but don't want to use another person's hard work (website) to promote my own projects (without permission of course).