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I only read DC, so I just use their app. It's easier to find what I want. But I'm pretty sure that both Marvel and DC uses the same 'base' as Comixology, so the app itself is pretty much the same, it's only the content that differ.

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Thanks all. I survived Shelob in Lord of the Rings, so I can survive this too, but it's better to know beforehand :).

Oh and I just meant 'real' as in anything spider-like that have 8 legs (or is it 6).

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I just bought the amazing spider-man, and want to watch it tonight, but I can't find any information about whether or not there are any actual spiders in it? I have mild arachnophobia, so it's rather important to me (so I can have a pillow at hand). Hope somebody can help me!

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@sog7dc: Oh, yeah, I get that feeling. I've had a few times where my expectations were completely screwballed (that's a word, right?), and it left me very dissatisfied. When I reread them a good while later I liked them far more, but it did take me some time.

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@sog7dc: It's funny, that's why I love Year One. I wish there were more Gordon stories out there. But I also love seeing the Batcave, Bruce's training etc. in Year Zero. So far, it looks like they'll complement each other very fine. Year Zero isn't out to outdo One (nor will it), but it adds new things while telling a good story (so far). I'd recommend everybody read it.

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ASBAR is so much better than Earth One that it isn't funny. Not that I think ASBAR is actually good, but Crazy Steve is just so goddamn hilarious. It's like watching a complete train wreck on film. It's wrong, but entertaining.

Earth One is just stupid, ineffectual Steve flailing around.

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Crazy Quilt. Purely because of the name. Or maybe Condiment King.

The truly crazy thing here is that Crazy Quilt was apparently a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains... They must have a pretty low standard for recruitment.

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@theacidskull: Well, ticks are up there too among the most dangerous animals, but yes. There's 1 or 2 people who die from wasps every year... Denmark is an incredibly safe country, compared to just about every other country in the world.

@hel: Yeah well say what you will, but Denmark clearly wins: We don't have Systembolaget!

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@kangaxx_54: my limited experience with Danish army seems to imply that it's entirely composed of vikings and super models, can you confirm this? Seriously all the guys were huge with beards and all the woman were gorgeous

Don't have much, if any, experience with the army, but I'm pretty sure you've just been lucky :).

Oh, and an extra little point:

11. Denmark and Sweden have the biggest love-hate relationship in the world.

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1. Is not a place in Sweden!

2. Danes like to think that our country is way bigger/more important than it actually is.

3. If you ever visit, you *will* be forced to stumble your way through the phrase "rødgrød med fløde" (~red berry pudding). Fear it.

4. Danes are literally melting at 35 degrees C.

5. Danes are very much about the concept 'hygge' (which is something akin to coziness). We'll use living lights all the time, everywhere. Even on the Christmas tree.

6. Greenland and the Faeroe isles are part of the Kingdom of Denmark. We have also held Norway, a huge part of England, bits of France and Ireland, southern Sweden and Estonia. This was mostly during the Viking and early middle ages.

7. We were once good at handball, and we won European Football Championship in 1992 (mostly by luck) ... 'nuff said.

8. We're a difficult people to get to know. Some think us cold, but it's more a matter of us not being physically affectionate with anybody but our families (mostly).

9. In 1999 Denmark were hit by a hurricane which actually turned into a category 1 hurricane!!

10. Most dangerous wild animal is the wasp, though we also have a tiny variant of adder.