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Black Mask

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Morpheus for sure.

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What about the publisher specific apps? I use the DC app almost exclusively, as I only buy DC comics. But I know that they're both linked to Comixology; does anyone know if they are also affected? I'd be really annoyed if they were. And overall, I think it's an unwise decision. There are a lot of people (not me), who are on the fence whether or not to buy digitally, and this isn't going to convince them to go digital in any way.

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Count me in among those who loved it. Sure, it has a few flaws, but overall I really, really liked it. So yes, he killed Zod. He didn't actually want to, but he did it when there weren't a whole lot of other choices. As for saving more peoples lives, well, he's still a newb in this movie, and Zod was 100% calling the shots in the last movie. I don't see how he could have saved so many people, because for every second he spends saving a life, Zod could kill 10s or 100s of people. It kept me engaged the whole time, unlike Avengers (I just can't see what people see in that movie, unless it's because it's the cherry on the top of the cake. By itself it's really bleh).

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People aren't defined by two or three characteristics. If you want to judge how relate-able people are, look at their personality, not just the defining events of their life.

I'm neither a billionaire nor athletic and my parents are just fine, but I am on the other hand really, really lousy at relationships, I prefer silence over talking, skulking in the shadows and I know that in some ways, I'm not really a nice person. I calculate and manipulate far too much.

I also relate to the fact that Batman is fighting with everything that he has, striving to become better all the time. That is far more inspiring to me than Superman, who literally flies above all. He might be a better symbol and end goal, but as a very much down-to-earth human, I can't use that. It's the process that is important, because I know very well that I have no chance of ever getting close to being a truly good person. But seeing Batman struggle gives me some inspiration to get better myself. I'll never be able to do anything superhuman (to stay in genre), but if I keep 'training', I can overcome some of my shortcomings, or at least get better at them.

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Definitely Jim!

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Luke. he's OK, even if he does whine a lot, and I've never been a fan of Grodd.

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