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@ace_of_spades90: The two first issues are out. The main story focuses on Bruce's return to Gotham, and so far he hasn't become Batman. The backup are shorts from his training. I really like it. It's distinctly different from Batman: Year One (as was promised) but very entertaining.

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I voted damage, and by that I mean manipulate and influence him. Just look at Injustice...

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That's so much nicer than the 'official' one, although I have to say that I'm not a fan of that style in general. It should be a bit sleeker.

Not to hijack your thread, but I just saw this completely awesome fan-made poster, and didn't want to start a new thread:

Made by JMC from SuperHeroHype forums

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I liked Bale in the Nolan trilogy, but I really, really don't think it'd do any good if starred in the new movies as well. One, the new movies will focus more on comic Batman, and I think Bale needs something to get there, physical. Not that I bodybuilder, but something halfway between Bale and Millar's TDKR Batman (who was way too huge). It'd also be extremely difficult for WB to sell the idea that this is a different Batman to the common people. They'd think that this was a continuation of Nolan's movies.

I like Nolan's movies, but they're *not* the 'real' Batman. I want to see comics Batman on the big screen!

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I nominate The Fiend with Nine Eyes. Probably not a winner candidate (using your detactable arm as a club HAS to be the winner here), but I think he's a strong runner-up.

If he closes his hand to punch someone, or tries to catch something or grip anything really, he'll be blind.

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I would love such a comic! The characters and their interactions are what keeps me reading.

You should try out L'il Gotham if you haven't. It's the closest thing to what you suggest, and it's simply perfection itself.

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@the_stegman said:

It was average..but I regretted spending money on it.

Yep, me too. I like seeing/reading Elseworlds, where the characters that we know are put in completely different situations, or where you play with 'what-if' situations. Earth One was nothing like that. Instead of ' what if we take these characters and put them in that situation' it was ' what if we take some completely random people and put them in this situation'.

I like reading about Batman's willpower and drive, how he overcomes various problems, beat-downs etc. What we got in Earth One was a Bruce Wayne who's been lobotomized. It's not that he got beaten, it's that he got beaten, beaten again and then again, and in the end we never saw him overcome the odds or learn anything.

It's the same reason that I'm sort of luke-warm on the Nolan batman. I like the movies and have them all, but the fact that he just stops being Batman after 1½ year because his maybe-sometime-eventually girlfriend dies doesn't sit well with me. That's not Batman!

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Bruce Wayne > Dick Grayson >>>>>>>> Terry McGinnis

Have to admit though that I haven't watched Batman Beyond, but from all the clips and screenshots I have seen there's no contest.

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I like a mix. Some 'filler' (don't like that term - makes it seem like the story is worthless), some short and some longer archs in between each other is best IMO.

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The different titles are usually self-contained, but for bigger events there will often/always be tie-ins in related titles. If, for example, a character dies in title A, that will heavily influence title B, C, D, because the titles happen in the same universe (mostly). Death of the Family is a semi-large event that had most of the action in the Batman title, but it had a lot of tie-ins to all the other Bat titles.

While it's obviously urges people to buy more, I like the fact that things in one title can influence another. It makes the DC world feel much larger, and you get far closer to the characters.