Bought the wrong comic :/

Now this is a bummer.

I were just looking through my shiny new pile of trades, anticipation reading them, and then I notice an ad in German on the backside of Batman: Black Glove. I hoped that it was just a misplaced ad, but no luck there. The entire book is in German I did have German in school, but I were never good at it, and I seriously cannot even remember how to say 'thank you'. Bought it from, and while I could return it, I'm not sure it'll be worth the hassle - the delivery rates are not exactly cheap around here. I think I'll just buy the comics digitally, then put the trade on the shelf where it'll look good if nothing else.

At least that will teach me to read the fine print, even if the title itself is in English.

The worst thing is that I'm a librarian, and I really, really should know to check the details. Just never occurred to me that there might be comics in other languages on

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Ouch XP