Need help with Oriole's origin

Hey if you read my preview for Nightwing and Oriole, ( Than you know that Nightwing has a new sidekick. Well I'm really looking forward to this series but I have no idea for an origin for Valarie/Oriole. I really want it to be original and not that much like any of the Robin's. So I need YOUR help. If you could give me some basic ideas that would be great. Put them in the comments or if you want, PM me. Thanks.


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Posted by batkevin74

@kamrenamir: Nightwing brings Oriole into the Batcave. "Batman...this is Oriole. Oriole, Batman"

She gulped and held out her hand. Batman turned back to the Batcomputer.

"You come from Baltimore. You're around about fifteen years old" Batman clicks a link on the giant screen and her face turns up "Your name is Valarie Day. " Batman got up and towered over "Go home!"

"Sooooo" said Nightwing scratching his head "Can I keep her?"

Posted by Rusty_Irons

what if she wants to be a crime fighter and commits a petty crime to get night wings attention?

Posted by 4donkeyjohnson

Oriole is the descendant of the illegimate daughter of Jerome Van Derm, who is the grandfather of Catherine Van Derm who married Alan Wayne which produced Kenneth, which produced Thomas which produced Bruce.