Chaos Control!!!

Characters with quantum/reality/dimensional of the vaguest power sets out there... trying to round up the profile!

Powers include: Teleport, Time control, Space distortion, Quantic control, probability control, etc. Also, characters whose powers seem "magical" but have a sci-fi explanation.

Preferibly those who are not omnipotent/gods as well... and no purely magic users like Dr. Strange. The point of this list is try to define and round up a set of characters and items that show a quantified amount of quantum/reality/chaos (call it what u may, result is the same) manipulation. Particular interest in characters whose access to this power is relatively well defined, such as Ultimate Scarlet Witch doing the math to calculate her hexes, or Arcanna using Schrodinger's uncertainty principle. Same with telekinetics who pinch the space place to open wormholes, etc. etc.

List items

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