Cvnu Kameo


Agility: 6)

I am easily capable of superhuman feats of agility no ordinary human body can be capable of withstanding, while swinging on webs through a city or jungle I can make sudden twists or turns that would rip apart a human body like wet tissue paper

I am also capable of evading ballistic projectiles with trivial ease even more so if I'm prepared even when in mid air, it is also worth mentioning that I posses perfect balance to the point I am capable of keeping balance even on the most unstable of structures

Durability: 3)-6)

My durability is peculiar, I'm capable of withstanding numerous blunt trauma blows from foes with Class 5 strength however edged blades or projectiles such as bullets are still capable of easily harming yours truly.

Last bot not least I also have an extremely high resistance to elemental effects such as lightning,extreme heat and cold etcetera

Energy Projection:4)

Kameo has a mastery of cosmic energy that was bestowed to her by a Cosmic Creature, this gives her an energy type to manipulate but she is inconsistent with its use

Fighting Ability:4)-5)

Kameo possess some formal training in fighting as well as experience in over one hundred battles against villainous foes in the Vine abilities ranging from three to five in statistic abilities.


Well not necessarily a genius I'm some what gifted and have the intellectual potential, but lack the enthusiasm on the most part and typically hide this with a sharp-witted attitude.

Mental Power:6)-7)

Due to my Origins I am an extremely powerful Psionic, capable of controlling almost limitless amounts of people with Mental Power under four and up to thousands whom have a mental power of four and if I choose to use Cosmic Energy to augment my Psionic ability I can control numerous beings under class seven in mental power no matter how hard they resist and I can do control them with extreme ease.

Speed: 6)

With enhanced speed I am capable of reaching speeds of 670 meters a second to up to 1,207 meters a second on a good day, with the former I can evade handgun rounds but would have difficulty with rifle rounds however with the latter I can evade almost all rifle rounds with trivial ease.

Stamina: 4)-6)

On average my stamina is a solid class four but through my cosmic origin I am capable of feeding on certain energies that can over charge my stamina to tier six abilities.

Strength: 4)-5)

My physical abilities as you may have assumed depend on certain circumstances, usually in daylight my strength similar to speed is half of what it would be if it was at night

Regardless on a bad day I am sill capable of lifting a bus and on a good day can lift a manhandle light class tanks with ease and medium ones with difficulty followed by super heavy tanks being the most difficult.


Spider Physiology

Appendage Generation/Multiple Arms

I can generate twice the amount of limbs a normal person would have but doing so requires me to utilize a Prana supply which powers most of my exotic abilities.

An example of how this particular power would work, would be like this...

-I lose a limb but in mere moments it begins to regenerate in a bright white light, the limb can not be see as the cosmic gleam in that moment forms into the shape of my original arm with a brilliance equal to the sun and only when its radiance fades away completely can my new and now perfectly functional limb could be seen to others.

Bio-Electricity Manipulation

I am capable of manipulating my own bio electrical impulses to resist others who could attempt to maniuplate me, but through the power cosmic I am also capable at the cost of a little bit of my life force shooting energy blasts from my eyes or the palms of my hands.

An example of how this particular power would work, would be like this...

-A) A mutant controlling the electrical impulses and thus there fore actions of several other super powered beings targets me, I feel a spike inside my body as he attempts to control me but fortunately I have the same class of ability he possesses and I resist back with intense focus on by BE Manipulation to stabilize my electrical impulses and with a mild amount of struggle I succeed!

-B) There's a bank vault between the villain and yours truly, I'm already fatigued from fighting my way through a small army of super powered mercenaries and it would take all my physical strength to bust through the multi hundred ton door that stood in front of this hero.

If I want to catch him in time I will have to use an energy blast so I do it, the electrical impulses began to leech out of my life force as I melt a multi meter wide entrance into the door and face my foe.


While I don't often use it this Camouflage ability has come handy in the past, if I don't use it to spy on people or hide from them I use it for a series of hit and run tactics to weaken my foe through attrition.

An example of how this particular power would work, would be like this...

Claw Retraction

Danger Intuition

Enhanced Agility

Enhanced Balance

Enhanced Bite

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced Endurance

Enhanced Immunity

Enhanced Jump

Enhanced Reflexes

Enhanced Regeneration

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Vision

Seismic Sense

Enhanced Strength



Needle Projection

Pheromone Generation

Poison Generation

Predator Instinct

Trapping Intuition


Web Generation


Spectral Being

Cosmic Affinity


  1. Pepsi, for some reason the liquid commonly found in Pepsi cans act as an extremely potent acid when they into contact with my body.
  2. Pheromone Manipulation, I have a resistance and virtual immunity to telepathic/cosmic/mutant mental manipulation but I'm completely helpless again pheromone manipulation and can be left vulnerable to certain...'actions' to say the least.
  3. Specialized Knockout Gas/Sedatives, I'm regularly immune to knock out gas and sedatives but if some one were to get a DNA sample from me they could in theory create custom made sedatives to knock me out and I would be unable to adapt over it.
  4. Sonic Weaponry, Sonic weaponry is the bane of my existence and the only way I can counter it is by cocooning myself is sound absorbing spider webs but if I don't do so quickly I'm helpless.
  5. Vibranium Weapons, Vibranium has a tendency to absorb energy and as most of my powers are derived from Cosmic Energy a sufficient quantity or very high quality of vibranium could drain me a lot of my prana this forth leaving me only to fight with my physical attributes.
  6. Speedsters, I'm fast but my speed tops out at being able to avoid most ballistic weaponry I can usually evade even faster projectiles thanks to a combination of my Spider Sense and Precognition working in sync but if I try to fight somebody who truly out classes me in speed or reflexes I'm doomed to what ever fate they wish for me.
  7. Beautiful Girls, I have a certain soft side for beautiful woman and it's not like I don't try to resist but usually if I come across a beauty regardless of their personality or allegiance I tend to be 'weaker' around them in mental state and willingness to get aggressive with them it's most likely due to my lesbianic like creator molding that weakness inside me.
  8. Double Six Tanks, I use a combination of all my abilities to beat foes but I can barely beat foes that have physical attributes of strength and durability in the class six range let alone anything above.
  9. Battle Field Removal, if it's portal based I can avoid it but usually if it's the just point and think type of teleportation I have no counter to it under then possibly intangibility.
  10. Time Manipulation, I can't be aged to a younger youth or older maturity but I can be sent into the past/future or frozen in time.


Over a decade ago I was born into this word, you see I am not a really real but at the same time I am.

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