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@turoksonofstone said:

" Superhero Evolution: 0.Biblical/Mythical Heroes (Bible/Word of Mouth)1.Knights (Song/Legend/written word) 3.Cowboys & Smugglers (Penny Dreadfuls and Dime Novels) 4.Mysterymen (Pulps) 5.Superheroes (Comics) "

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@tigerex78:  I think he mentioned of the modern superheroes as in the sense of a brightly coloured costumed hero with powers. Though his claim is faulty by mentioning Batman as a Superhero because then a whole lot of vigilantes are qualified to be superheroes. (as i mentioned a bit hazily on the previous page)
Edit: i think he and vigilantes
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(from a non fictional perspective)
If you'd say that the true ''Super'' hero started with Superman then I'd say yes Super heroes are from an idea the 20th and 21st century. The modern superhero that is. But then you would be have to ignore ALLOT of super hero prototypes that did had powers and costumes before Superman was created. Especially if you consider Pulp Heroes like The Shadow Super Heroes nowadays since he was wearing a costume an had at least some powers like mind control to become invisible to the eye. And then you look back to World Newton which also shows some of those earlier prototypes like the Nyctalope who was essentially like Iron man but started in the early 1900's ( Alan Moore changed him so much in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and stopped his adventures in the early years of the golden age.

I also find it weird that @G-man: mentions Batman as a superhero, while he has no powers just talents. Batman is by all means still a vigilante and if you look at the vigilante's you can suddenly go back a whole lot!. Before the Shadow and before the débuts of Zorro , The Scarlet Pimpernel and the Scarecrow(Who all had adventures set before the 1900's) we'll reach about 100 years before Superman was finalised. You'd end up with the Penny Dreadful smuggler heroes and adventures. The oldest of which is SpringHeeled Jack who was first a local rumour of a lady harassing demon who became so popular that they made a play and Penny Dreadfuls with his character as the main concept. He eventually ended up a dressed up rich talented gentlemen who had made a pair of special boots and a costume to get his inheritance back from crooks who elaborately manipulated it from his possession. Even further back i found cool piece of 1835 Dime literature by the writer of the Scarlett Letter which refers to the Gray Champion who ended up more as an idea of freedom rather then a hero. But still owned those guards in the same fashion as an Super Hero. All these can be considered heroes most of which as seen from a fictional point of view played out their adventures before 1900. and when comparing them to Batman's super hero status even super heroes. 
Sorry if this was a bit confusing, I'm not really awake at the moment lol
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I have a copy of this in Dutch, The cover is ruined by a huge sticker which i'm afraid will rip the comic apart once i try to remove it.

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@danhimself said:
" doesn't look all that good and it looks really offensive to religious people "
This and how historically inaccurate it is. Pretty much non of the locals nor the Romans where buried like that. They where all laid to rest in family graves dug out in bedrock (As what the two Maria's where planning to do with Jesus). And if i remember correctly the crucified where hung till they rotted away like an imperial warning against uprisings and the remains would then be thrown into a UNMARKED mass grave. No headstone or other bull crap that's an all Christian invention.
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Doctor now said that he can regenerate 507 times, not exactly immortal but series-wise he might as well be

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@Metatron_Da_Don said:
" @NeoEtruscan said:
" This time-period so suits batman! "
noir? "
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Blight is the best choice here.

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O god the silence! you did didn't you? D:
Better rush to you're local video store and rent the dvd :)

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@Methos said:

" well i'm hoping they're going to bring Gallifrey back soon...  5 years without it is long enough i think  M "

Its been less then 1 year, Or did you miss the End of Time?