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I am going to take a step back. count to ten, Then take a big breath and let someone else watch the movie first. If its not TMNT enough I am not going to watch it, or even regard it as part of the multiverse.

Instead I'll buy the Next Mutation dvd set. Sure its shit but at least it got some elements of the multiverse right.

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@theTimeStreamer: With big boobies

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@cattlebattle: @Deadcool: Sorry for this bump, But I am in the mood to give history lessons xD

The Tokusatsu genre Power Rangers comes from started in 1958 with Japan's first TV Super Hero Gekko Kamen (Moonlight Mask AKA the real Moon Knight) The a year later the hero Nana Iro Kamen (7-Colour Mask) was his successor was created in 1959. This is where the heroes started getting helmets and such. The next step was Ultraman in 1966 where the helmets and looks started to get better and better.

Till 1971 when Ishinomori (a man with just as much heroes as Stan Lee) made Kamen Rider (from the Skull Man) which is where the Power Rangers got allot of their basic tropes from.Then after starting his Silver age of Tokusatsu heroes Ishinomori created a show called Himitsu Sentai Goranger in 1975 which is the first Super Sentai series (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger AKA Power Rangers is the 16th) Which he came up with by combining his his older work Cyborg 009 with Gatchaman This show was so popular that it went for 86 episodes. Making it his second most popular show ever (Kamen Rider = 98) But the franchise started to fail in 1977-78 with his second show. JAKQ Dengekitai. Luckily around this time Stan Lee came to Japan. He showed interest in the shows and gave Toei permission to make a show. Which was Spiderman in 1978. This introduced the robot on that cover, Leopardeon. Giant Robot Toku did air earlier and Ishinomori even made one of his own. But he had nothing to do with Sentai at that time any more and no one combined Super Heroes with Robots before. And this was an hit! So Toei inserted one in the 3rd show Battle Fever J and used Marvel heroes as a guideline for new suites.

Battle Japan = Captain America, Miss America = Miss America, Battle Kenya = Black Panther, And Battle France & Battle Cossack are so obscure in design that it could be any super hero.

So what I am saying is that Spiderman didn't get influenced by it at all (still think its from Mexican wrestlers) and Stan Lee liked Sentai so much that he tried to sell it subbed to American television networks... Failed and then sold it to some guy. It eventually came in the hands of Saban. So Stan Lee saved Super Sentai and gave birth to Power Rangers by giving them Megazords through Spidey xD

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Just to make up for all the bull shit I just wrote out of boredom. Sorry xD

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@fesak: lol Yeah my bad. I didn't knew that because even though we're neighbours  my country did not get the comics till after WWII and the little collection I got are from the 70's.
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@messiah1994: Actually now that I think of it.... I can't really think of European comics that pre-date WWII. If you'd say European/British  Pennydreadfull/sci-fimagazine/novel/pulp heroes which pre-date superheroes and villains, then I'd say yes and point them to http://bit.ly/845aOM and http://bit.ly/2VlVzS. But comics themselves? I still really think that's an American invention. At least the finalized product.
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Back in the day I liked Suske & Wiske and Lucky Luke more then I did Kuifje. But I did like the few original comics, and that's where it stopped. The newer comics didn't really appeal to me and neither did the series. I'm worried this movie will go the way of Kapitein Rob and Dik Trom which where movies not even the fans enjoyed. I'm going to pass on it and wait for the dvd to come out and suddenly drops to 3,99 just like Kapitein Rob :P Now Franka, That's a movie  I would like to see ^_^

 @Michiel76: A Storm movie would be epic too. I still need to finish my collection

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@Loki9876:  How much Euro's did you pay for the entrée? Because we get to pay 12.00 Euro's per person (and they are only showing 3d across the country) in the Dutch Pathe and I feel better if at least some one is better off....
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@ddaann1985:  Niets hoor, gewoon wat discussie over the wat voor Germaanse volken er hier waren en  wat ze aanbidden. Moving along ^^
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@Loki9876:  Nou dan bent je of of een Batave of een Frank met een grotere kans om een Frank te zijn :P