G12 + chinese toku hero

In this video you`ll probably see the biggest mech/megazord to date even bigger then that pyramid from Ohranger/Power rangers Zeo XD

Yes people if this vid works right you`re gonna learn why us Super Sentai/Power rangers fan are so angry at Bandai america.
They where rumored to have asked Bandai Japan and TV Asashi for a much simpler robot design so that it would cost less money to make toys >_<

Even tough the`re toys are 3rd rate compared to the`re Japanese colleagues.
And what you`ll get is what we fans now call a CL#$T3RF^ck  zord or the BRICK.
Sigh............. well here comes Engine oh G12 the most biggest mech to date.
And its not even the end of the season yet might be another one coming omfg G15 0_o


02:42 GRAVITY is being defied!!!!!! 0.0
03:41 I might wanna add that at this moment i actually taught the rumors where true .
About the finisher would be dropping the whole friggin mech on the enemy. XD  

Armor Hero鎧甲勇士
On  a better note as my chinese friends were telling me that there is a Chinese try out on a toku series.
Which proves that all ya gotta do is try to make a series on your own and the result is always way better then power rangers.

The suits look awsome and the layout is somewhat based on the chinese calender ofcourse.
Because one is definitly based on the Dragon of the Earthly Branches and the other the Tiger of the Earthly Branches.
But there is also a rhino and a crab there so.... i dont know yet lucky my friends have sateliet tv to bad its in mandarin.:P
They said it has Kantonese subs like thats gonna help me any bit at all. XD

3 of the 5 heroes in the start of the series

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