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Just got done watching the movie and would give it 6 to 7 out of 10. I loved the movie definitely had some nit picky things to comment on, but I liked it. Thought it was a good movie to start a Superman series where we can develop with the character. I'm sure some people won't like it, but I enjoyed it. Zack Snyder did well for this one and I feel like it is a Superman movie done better than any of the ones recently and even some of the older ones.

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America won once and we could do it again!

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1. Blue

2. Green

3. Black

4. Sinestro

5. Red

6. Indigo

7. Star Sapphires

8. Orange

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Hal Jordan


Martian Manhunter


Flash - Wally West


Green Arrow

Captain Marvel

Night Wing

Booster Gold

Blue Beetle

Animal Man

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@the_poet: I love this blog, I'm glad you sent me a message and let me know about it. I'll look for it every month!

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I love rereading older comics. I'm not a fan of most things that came out of the 90's, but some stories are iconic and amazing from that era. On average I stay pretty modern, but every now and again I'll read a golden oldie for the fun of it. Sometimes you cant beat those stories.

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Quasar can handle GL as Quasar has massive power draining feats.

Nova is somewhat protected from MM's telepathy, but I'm not sure that is going to help much. I'm not sure how Quasar and Nova (any version) would handle MM's physicality, intangibility and shapeshifting.

Scenario 1 - I think Team 1 wins due to MM, I dare say he might solo.

Scenario 2 - Quasar strikes first and drains MM's and GL's lifeforce.

I'm going with this honestly, but if Hal and MM can take out Nova and both focus on Quasar I think they could pull that one off too, but it would be epic and not an easy feat by any means.

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Best Writing

1st Green Lantern 20

Best Interior Artwork

1st Green Lantern 20

Best Cover Artwork

1st Flash 20

Favorite DC Comic

1st Green Lantern

2nd Batman

3rd Justice League of America

Favorite Male Hero

1st Hal Jordan

2nd Bruce Wayne

3rd Alfred Pennywort

Favorite Male Villain

1st Sinestro

2nd Clayface

Wild Card: Best Ending of the Month

-Note: this category changes every month and will be decided by the nominators of last month’s Wild Card winner. This month's category brought to you by yours truelly since we skipped a month

1st Green Lantern 20

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And let me make a case aswell, Since Flash, GL, Superman, and Batman, would all think the same way you do, and underestimate WW, they'd just fight eachother, now, when supes has come to the point where he already fought hal, batman, and flash, he'll be weakened, making it a more than likely win for Diana.

I could see this happening, but I think Batman knows how strong Wonder Woman is especially since what happened in JL 20. So I think they would bicker, but someone would try to take WW down. Supes is about the only that could do it so if he went after WW I think he would beat her. Batman would have been taken out by GL or Flash or both by this point so it would leave Hal, FLash and Supes. Hal and Flsh would know the only way to beat him is to go after him together and weaken even further than Diana and they would take him out. Than Hal would reluctantly beat Flash in an epic battle.

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1. Batman

2. Flash

3. Detective Comics

4. Justice League

5. Justice League of America

6. Green Lantern

and soon Superman Unchained

I dropped Action Comics when Morrison left the team, but I may pick those back up idk yet.

Thats pretty much the only one I have dropped from DC.