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I love that Jim Cheung cover.

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Really don't care for the way Peter's old costume looks on May. I've always preferred the Ben Reilly costume design to the original, in general, but I think it's esp. preferable here.

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How does being "virtually indestructible" count as a weakness for Mjolnir?

What about the Eye of Agamatto? The Infinity Gauntlet? The Ebony Blade?

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If this is 30 years in the future that would make Barbara early-to-mid 50s, right? So, apparently even refugees fleeing for their lives in a post-apocalyptic dystopia manage to find time to moisturize.

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I like the Quicksilver costume, overall. I'm not too keen on what appears to be loose short sleeves over Under Armour, and I would have gone with blue over lavender as the main color. But I love the "fast forward" symbol on the chest instead of the traditional 9and overused) lightning bolt emblem.

Voodoo's costume is another thing entirely, however.

I'm also less than enthused by the idea of Deadpool as an Avenger.

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But how will the two web-slingers decide on who gets to use the "Spider-Man" name?

What's to decide? There have been multiple Yellowjackets, Giant-Men, Goliaths, Human Torches, Thors, and Spider-Girls. At one point there were 3 or 4 different Ant-Men crawling around. Two Spider-Men isn't a big deal.

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@ultinuc said:

@lagozzino said:

I don't get Mary Jane on that cover; Is she swinging without a web? Is she popping a squat and preparing to relieve herself?

Probably jumping, I guess?

Or maybe she's given herself the power of flight by draining the fluid out of her implants and filling them with helium.

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@theamazingmann said:

@lagozzino: Its not Mary Jane. Its Peter & Mary's daughter Mayday.

No, it's not. The woman on the cover--in the t-shirt and shorts--is Mary Jane. That's the same outfit she wore when she got powers in the original Spider Island storyline. (Also, note the long flowing hair and chin dimple.)

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I'm more than a bit disappointed to see that they've put May in Peter's old costume. I've always preferred the design of the Ben Reilly suit to the original and wished they'd put Peter in it after Ben died.