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I thought most artists had pretty much thrown in the towel on Carol's ridiculous faux-hawk, but it looks like Bradshaw is doubling down. Props for perseverance in the face of adversity, I guess. Nice work otherwise, though. Art Adams must be very proud.

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@child_karl said:

I still think it's so so so so so so so so weird that they're not making any reference to this ostensibly being a Marvel production. The most lucrative brand in film today & they're choosing not to wedge "Disney Presents Marvel's Big Hero 6" as the title or anything.

Because it's not a Marvel production. It's a Disney production. The Marvel Studios" brand is specifically for their interconnected cinematic universe. BH6 has nothing to do with Marvel's cinematic universe, which is why they're not promoting it as a "Marvel film."

There are few business on Earth that understand and exploit the power of branding as well as Disney, so if they're not promoting this as a "Marvel" project, I think it's safe to assume that it's not an oversight, but something done after careful examination and consideration.

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So Baymax is a balloon robot? Okay.

That looks like fun.

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I hate to say, dude on deviant art.com MaHenBu, killed the Batgirl selfie idea....Just saying. MaHenBu

Wow, she must own the world's biggest smartphone, since it apparently requires her to use both hands, held apart at shoulder width, to take a selfie. Either that or she carries a full, laptop-sized tablet in her utility belt.

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Whatever on the costume. I'm more interested in why she is clutching what appears to be a large swatch of torn human skin in her hand.

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It does seem a little weird that it doesn't mention Marvel anywhere on the poster or in the trailer.

Not really. If they mentioned Marvel in the marketing, then most people would (wrongly) assume that the movie was meant to tie in to the established Marvel cinematic universe.

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Not really enthused by any of them but . . . John Goodman as the Kingpin? No. Just. No.

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Tom Raney may have posted the Isis pic on his Twitter, but between the style and the signature, I'm certain the drawing itself is by Brian Stelfreeze. And, as usual, it's gorgeous.

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Great collection of art from some unexpected sources.

The Simonson and Edwards are especially good. That Alex Ross cover is a bit disturbing.

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@mr_colossus said:

@cheesesticks: Yea, that retro Beast is a little awkward looking.

Is that Colossus in the Lee Bermejo piece? or is it Cable? It looks like Colossus in costume and in the entire body, but his face looks a bit more like Cable and has a similar scare on his eye. Awesome art work but would like it even better if it were Colossus. I also like the Frank Cho X-23 art, it looks pretty cool.

I think that might be a younger version of the future version of Colossus that showed up in Battle of The Atom. He doesn't have the Fu Manchu mustache, but he is carrying a sword, just like the BoA version, and if you look closely it appears that his hair is white at the temples. That would explain why his face looks more weathered.

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