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I was hoping this would be a reboot, not a sequel. This movie-verse must be populated by the dumbest batch of genius scientists this side of Prometheus. How many people have to get eaten before it dawns on someone that Dinosaur petting zoos are a bad idea? And why would people still be sending their children there after all the previous carnage?

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That looks like a lot of fun. I really like Henry's art.

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Frank Grillo should play as Punisher. He was awesome in The Purge: Anarchy. Unfortunately, he's playing Crossbones.

If they're going to bring Punisher into the MCU, the guy to ply him is Karl Urban.

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@redbird3rdboywonder: I'm with you on that. I think that the 2004 movie is a ton of fun. I thought that War Zone was terrible though.

I doubt that after Punisher (2004) and Punisher: War Zone did so poorly Marvel will be willing to put up the money for a Punisher movie. Besides, the character really isn't suited to the kind of blockbuster stories they're telling with the movies these days.

However, if the grittier Netflix shows do well I could see Frank Castle fitting in well with that corner of the MCU.

I thought both Punisher movies were bad, with War Zone being flat-out atrocious. Other than that, though, I agree with you. Punisher isn't really suited as a lead character on the big screen. He's much better used as a supporting character, in an "enemy of my enemy is my quasi-ally" role.

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'Bout time. Hopefully this means its arrival on Netflix won't be too far behind.

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I found Smith's and Meltzer's runs to be largely unimpressive. They both did some nice character bits (particularly with Connor and Mia) but I felt they didn't hold up well structurally. And while I liked the One Year Later stuff, I think the run by Winick and Hester is one of the character's high points.

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I really like Pepe Larraz's work, reminds me of early Carlos Pacheco and Olivier Coipel.

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I completely agree. The name drops and cameos felt forced. Just introduce them slowly, like Arrow or Smallville. We don't need every villain in 45 minutes.

One of the major complaints about Smallville early on was that it took too long to start integrating more characters and concepts from the comics.

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@strangetales said:

Catwoman has the hots for a young Bruce Wayne?

Shouldn't Selina be younger?

One of Batmans main love interests will be an old hag.

The actor who plays Bruce is 13. The actress whom plays Selina is 14.

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It was okay. I probably would have enjoyed it more if i hadn't seen about 95% of it in the preview clips. I honestly didn't think I'd watched that many of them, but If there was as much as 15 minutes of footage I hadn't already seen it was just barely.