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But there were WOOKIES!!

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Clearly I forgot to check which universe Weather Wizard was from, if I had, I wouldn't have included him, either that or I would have included DC characters along with Wildstorm, Chaos, etc.

Also, I wasn't comparing how POWERFUL the character is, I was pointing out that there are other characters out there who also have the power of thunder/lightning. And if the movie is only recognizing NORSE myth, then where do Iron Man and Hulk fit into it? The answer is, they don't!

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Well if you wait long enough, people will still not bother to attempt a response. Also, youtube will eventually have a video, which I was fortunate enough to find.


So I might have been wrong about which version of the Hulk was used, I refuse to watch the Edward Norton version, but both he and Iron Man were in the trailer. Also, it says "But only one... has the power of thunder." Really? With Marvel even providing their name in the trailer, they are saying that NO OTHER character in the comic universe has the power of THUNDER?! Ever hear of a tiny little superheroine named STORM? How about a Greek deity who goes by the name of Zeus? Weather Wizard? Meggan? Nope, I guess NONE of them can control thunder!!

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Did anyone see the trailer for Thor that aired during the second half of Star Wars: The Clone Wars? I'm asking because it seemed inaccurate. I thought I heard "the only comic character with the power of lightning" or something close to that. If that was what was said, does anyone who writes this #$%^ ever do their homework? Then again this is Hollywood, home of the X-Men movies!
On Friday, April 1, 2011
Note.. Now that I think about it some more, I think the trailer opened with the Hulk [Eric Bana version], followed by Iron Man I think, making it seem like a trailer for the new Avengers movie.

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Like OMG! That one required no brain power at all!! I finished the entire quest in 15 minutes. Might have been faster if I had faster internet or a faster computer. Seriously!! What pisses me off even more is the fact that the quests are coming out at random times rather than at the same time each year. Maybe if they were done every __DAY OF THE WEEK__ at ##PM.. .. But no that would be too nice

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That quest was lame on many fronts. First, no one could figure out the American Institution quest by themselves? Wow!!
Second, there hadn't been a new quest in weeks, and all of a sudden we are expected to make comicvine.com our homepage, IN HOPES that there will be a new quest today. Then, we are told that if ONLY 400 people complete the quest by MARCH 1ST [5 DAYS AWAY BY THE WAY, FOR AN EASY!! QUEST], then we will be given 1,000 extra points. Ok, well that is *expletive* up! Maybe give the first 750-800 people 1,000 points since quests aren't even offered on a regular basis. Maybe if they were offered every "Monday" or something, then it would be more tolerable, but just randomly adding them. It's like if your boss expected you to finish a project at work when you were only given 4 hours and don't even know half of the stuff you're supposed to be doing

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Could be someone that is adopted at 10 years old let's say. I don't know if it was mentioned if the kid is biologically Tony Stark's son. Could be a test tube baby where someone got a hold of Tony's DNA, and made one without his knowledge. Could be someone he has sex with and doesn't let Stark know about until years later. OR, with every decision we make, an alternate future is created. By choosing to write this comment, I have changed my future. With even a single letter the future is changed.

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whatev! like the mods do anything. check out the pages. two weeks later and the links to do the work, and nada!

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Seems to me that Chess is very similar to Spiderman's Goblin