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I was wondering what happened to the pages that listed characters with each power. Like Wolverine has a healing ability, there would be a list of 100+ other characters with the same ability. I can't seem to access those pages anymore

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I think it was a villain, and I can't remember the speech, but some villain, maybe Magneto or Doctor Doom, was talking about how while people may think he doesn't have to follow rules, he has many rules he follows

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While race may not be important to the character, when you hear the name "Johnny Storm" or "Wolverine", etc, you have an idea of what to expect from the character. If you've been reading the comics from day 1, then if all of a sudden he is cast as a black man, you might be thinking, "Johnny Storm, where is he?! I can't figure out which person is playing him. Is his invisible or something?" *shrugs* Something else to consider, if race doesn't matter, then why not have a different gender? I'm sure there are women nicknamed Johnny, at the very least there are unisexual names like Jack [Jonathan/Jacqueline], Taylor or Tyler, Alex, Charlie, etc. Or why not have the person obese or something. Just because they're fit in the comics doesn't mean they have to be in the movies

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I've watched the first few episodes, and while they are cute in their own way, they are not what I was expecting. Having watched every episode of Teen Titans on Cartoon Network, I feel that Teen Titans Go is a little disappointing

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I have decided that it was Ben 10 [I don't know which incarnation though] where all the villains team up in an effort to try and stop Ben, at least I think it was Ben 10.. .. Wait. No. What was I thinking.. Now I am pretty sure it was Doctor Who and the episode was probably The Pandorica Opens. I'm not 100% sure of this but close to it

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So I was watching something comic related at some point recently, I can't remember what it was though, may have been The Super Hero Squad Show, maybe Young Justice or another of the Cartoon Network shows, and was wondering what villain the characters were talking about. They were talking about how even the the villain[s] was doing bad things, that maybe he thought he was good, while the hero was actually the bad guy

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Ya, I was wondering if there is or was a hero or villain that had the ability to erase peoples memories. It could be their entire memory or even removing selected memories

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Is Decimation a universe, or are earth-616; earth-1610; earth-982 the universes in which Decimation and other events happen in?

Also, is Decimation a universe, or is a storyline/story arc?

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Wow, all cases is so very specific. People who have never read comics can totally imagine what all cases is like

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But can you provide specific examples where more harm was done CATPANEXE?