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Daredevil 100%
You are Daredevil. Whether you're spending your time as a crimefighter, lawyer, husband, kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, etc, there's always fun and excitement in your life.
Face it bub, you're the best there is at what you do...that must mean you are THE quiz taker. Despite being covered in hair, you somehow are able to attract the ladies. Snikt!
Dick Grayson
You're Nightwing. Even though you're still somewhat in Batman's shadow, at least you don't have to wear the little shorts and slippers anymore.
Moon Knight
You are one bad mutha.' Unfortunately, you're a little crazy sometimes. Rich playboy, taxi cab driver, super hero, take your pick.
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really? spidey gets the boot already?

So I just recently found out that spider-man 4 won't be making the cut...bummer right? I was actually looking forward to watching part 4, I thought I was going to see some lizard beat down or maybe even carnage. Spidey 3 wasn't that bad the only part I thought was a bit ridiculous was the whole peter parker/ rico suave act. Sam Raimi should have stayed, and now sony wants to do a reboot with the spider-man franchise...that is way too early, I remember spiderman 1 came out back 2000, but for a reboot to happen when the franchise has been out for only 9 years is dumb. Other reboots that have been done took like a 15 to 20 years hiatus until they came out with something new, for example friday the 13th (jason x, FvJ doesn't count), halloween, nightmare on elm street which I look forward to watching, and other movies I can't remember. Just look at it this way who are you going to get to play peter, or harry osborne, or jjj. I thought his performance as jameson was great, what about mary-jane or aunt may. My Q's are is spider-man costume going to be the same, or will green goblin look the same.    oh plus now its going to be in 3-D, ughhhh oh well let's see how it turns out.

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