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@jhazzroucher: Not really, Halle Berry in a white long haired wig doesn't make her resemble Storm any more or less. You guys make me wish they picked Angela Bassat instead, she has the talent, look, presence, and voice to rock as Storm. Her performance in AmericanHorrorStory was epic. Back on subject, The wig didn't convince me. Her look in X2 and Last Stand, gave me the impression that they took on looks that fit Halle and showed us that this is "Halle Berry's Storm" not comic storm, if that make sense.

@roddy010: I think it's because we've seen Lupita play as a slave, and seen her smile a lot in her interviews and magazine covers. I think if they give Lupita a script that actually show her being worshipped as a goddess through her powers, her manner of approach, wrath, and keep the comic Storm speech pattern, then she can potentially make Storm into a live action icon. She's too early in her career to be stage typed or written off as too delicate for the character

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I really don't understand this "she don't look like storm" excuse, Miss Berry doesn't even look like Storm. Storms was Lupita's color, curvy with bold cheek bones. I don't think there's anything wrong with a lighter skin Storm, Halle has done a good job, I personally feel Singer isn't giving Storm her credit. It took a switch of directors to even give her more lines (Last Stand). So I'm not worried about Lupita pulling off the role, she will if given the chance. I'm worried if she'll get more than 5 lines. The most character development we've got from Singer is Storm anger toward the human bigots but everything else has always been about Wolverine and Jean characters.

PS (No offense but Tyra Banks as Storm is a joke, she doesn't give off that Storm-presence and I don't think her acting is up to par for the franchise. Zoe from Star Trek has the Talent but I'm iffy on her as Storm.)

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This series is awesome in my opinion. The way they interlink the X-women's convo into Arkea's moves is very cinematic and I think it's good writing. It's funny someone mentioned resurrecting villains and needed people, don't they have a female Sinister running around?

I always thought Bendis was building up for a Jean Grey resurrection but Madelyn Pryor essence needs a body, according to her Jean Grey's body's the only one who can hold it and they made it relevant that Arkea is collecting samples of DNA.

Selene's return, frightens me.

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Let's be honest, mutants can't die, especially those affiliated with the X-men. (villains/allies included).

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I liked the fighting scenes, and seeing Magik and Jean's powers, the art is amazing.

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If the O5 stay in the present there should be two pairs of each of them in the future (past-present/young-old), which applies to Future-Beast since he's alive = 05 Beast must be alive too. The psychic battle was impressive, but I'm a little creeped out by what Xorn-Jean said about Scott to Emma.

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What I find interesting is the referencing to the character's past and background; Storm's being a Goddess becoming Morlock Leader and ex-Queen of Wakanda, the low blows seemed relevant to the characters as a whole. I liked Psylocke battle and it made sense to overcome her dark side because she reveled in her deadly skills. Anti-Bishop was awesome. The revenants are original. Spiral in the X-man costume seems cool.

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Wow. I know I repeat myself but the characters seem so alive. The motives for each character is understandable, and the battles and verbal confrontations aren't just random, I like that. Kitty, Emma, and her Cuckoos had the best lines, and the ending "The Message Boards Would Love This.".......(I'm guessing Emma is using her mind as a conduit to channel the cuckoos psychic powers, Jean won like two times already, Bendis make it good!)

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So the concern that the Young X-men were really from the main timeline is put to rest. I liked the crossover, Bendis really gives the characters their own personality even when there is so many. I liked seeing everyone together. Anyone else liked Cyclops broken optic blasts in this issue? The allusion to the Dark Phoenix was priceless.

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