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Jean Grey cast - great

Cyclops cast - I don't know.

Storm cast - no. where's lupita.

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First, I heard this actress was the star of the Aaliyah movie, I also heard it was beyond terrible (acting skills included). However the franchise don't hire horrible actors, yet it won't make a difference if Storm doesn't get any of her own screen time or development because of Singer....again.

Secondly, her skin is light. I know that doesn't make her less black, but I'm speaking in terms of "accepted black people" in mainstream media and commercials. Hollywood seems willing to present black people, but only if they've lighter brown skin and curly or straight hair, and in some cases literally white. (we've came far but it still happens) So for those okay with Zendaya being Storm needs to be slapped in the face. No offense to her, I'm just pointing out the obvious, it appears those who want her as Storm clearly don't have any interest in the Storm presentation or background. If they do and then they simply want to white wash it away. (I'm speaking about everyone including Storm fans)

Third, Singer gave Storm absolutely no story, significant dialogue or background. We're talking about the woman who was worshipped as a goddess, lived in the streets as a thief, and lead the X-men. Some people expect that because he works with the discrimination theme of the comics, that it cloaks the fact he treated the character as another black character neglected, thrown to the side, to stay undeveloped in movies and television.

Personally, I liked the Lupita idea, being that she fits the physical description and originates from Kenya. People have been casted in their late 20s early 30s as teenagers forever. (recently, Dave Franco - 22 jump street, Gaubrey Sidibe - AHS coven, Evan Peters AHS etc)

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I think Emma is accepted as an X-man because, she's fighting for their cause. When I say accepted I'm referring to "it is what it is". Honestly every X-man prone to evil is being watched on some level. Emma was apart of the Hellfire Club, bidding for world domination. I think she has as much trust in her as Magneto. Yes, she loves educating and training mutants. However what happens if she's pushed to her limit, we can't exactly say it's not in her to switch sides. In short she loves, educates, and protects/fights-for young mutants, (so does Magneto). That is the reason she is accepted as an X-man.

I think of her like this because of her introduction as an X-man. She joined to defeat Cassandra (responsible for killing millions of mutants including her students, she wanted revenge imo), defended the school to train children, and then had an "affair" with Scott. All those things benefit her. Not to mention her leading the X-men like a veteran, that was irritating, if she didn't bang the boss she'd be in the background.

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Why is everyone mad at Iceman's remark. He was right if you understand what he was saying. Let's just imagine one of your siblings killed your mother because he/she had some crazed episode. Will that sibling being medicated take away what happened? Hell No! Families are naturally complex, so if one of of your siblings killed one of your parents your going to resent them and be angry on some level!

The X-men literally spent their childhoods and adulthoods together, that creates a familial bond with roles. Cyclops was the first X-man, "big brother", and he killed father. Of coarse we're going to be fine with him being possessed as an excuse b/c we're not emotionally invested in that whatsoever. So my point is if you guys experienced the scenario I gave, then you will be acting exactly like how the X-men are behaving.

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It's a great issue. That's so true about the X-men couples, after the 90s era, they would pop up with no type of substance. Think that's why Jean&Cyclops, Colossus&Kitty, and Rogue&Gambit are so valued.

The Cuckoos are telekinetic?

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@jhazzroucher: Not really, Halle Berry in a white long haired wig doesn't make her resemble Storm any more or less. You guys make me wish they picked Angela Bassat instead, she has the talent, look, presence, and voice to rock as Storm. Her performance in AmericanHorrorStory was epic. Back on subject, The wig didn't convince me. Her look in X2 and Last Stand, gave me the impression that they took on looks that fit Halle and showed us that this is "Halle Berry's Storm" not comic storm, if that make sense.

@roddy010: I think it's because we've seen Lupita play as a slave, and seen her smile a lot in her interviews and magazine covers. I think if they give Lupita a script that actually show her being worshipped as a goddess through her powers, her manner of approach, wrath, and keep the comic Storm speech pattern, then she can potentially make Storm into a live action icon. She's too early in her career to be stage typed or written off as too delicate for the character

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I really don't understand this "she don't look like storm" excuse, Miss Berry doesn't even look like Storm. Storms was Lupita's color, curvy with bold cheek bones. I don't think there's anything wrong with a lighter skin Storm, Halle has done a good job, I personally feel Singer isn't giving Storm her credit. It took a switch of directors to even give her more lines (Last Stand). So I'm not worried about Lupita pulling off the role, she will if given the chance. I'm worried if she'll get more than 5 lines. The most character development we've got from Singer is Storm anger toward the human bigots but everything else has always been about Wolverine and Jean characters.

PS (No offense but Tyra Banks as Storm is a joke, she doesn't give off that Storm-presence and I don't think her acting is up to par for the franchise. Zoe from Star Trek has the Talent but I'm iffy on her as Storm.)

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This series is awesome in my opinion. The way they interlink the X-women's convo into Arkea's moves is very cinematic and I think it's good writing. It's funny someone mentioned resurrecting villains and needed people, don't they have a female Sinister running around?

I always thought Bendis was building up for a Jean Grey resurrection but Madelyn Pryor essence needs a body, according to her Jean Grey's body's the only one who can hold it and they made it relevant that Arkea is collecting samples of DNA.

Selene's return, frightens me.

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Let's be honest, mutants can't die, especially those affiliated with the X-men. (villains/allies included).

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I liked the fighting scenes, and seeing Magik and Jean's powers, the art is amazing.

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