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I dont remember the original five x-men being trained to kill a dozen men...
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Jubilee and Maggot. design . . . . . . . speachless.
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It was stated by her (shadowcat) she had to hold her breathe for her powers to work when she fought Sabertooth (with Jubilee) in the Morlock Tunnels. (I think that was after the massacre)
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@joshmightbe said:

might as well ask why people still hate black people or gay people, regardless of what good people do hate will always exist because humans are for the most part a hateful bunch of a$$holes   
i second that.

The X-men are a minority race of people who has to worry about themselves when their people are chased by mobs and getting lynched, even being worshipped as goddesses. Their "out and about" or my personal motto "above the bullsh**"

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I just like he's a completely new character, in another borough with another family. I honestly am excited about his family, i want to see them. They could of made a long lost cousin become the new spider man but they didnt. I like knew characters 
marvel seem not to know how to make them theses days. 
**I saw he has powers not like spiderman's. i saw a scan of him turning invisible
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Number one, i didnt like the fact he and Magneto met so late in their lives. Now the Great, The sensative moment where Magneto couldn't push his powers until Charles showed him a forgotten memory of his mother was a nod for me. I liked They showed a different shade to Charles like the fact he was a show off with a sense of humor, 'Wanna see a trick, get in the car.' lol And the flirting with the girl with two different eye colors was entertaining. When I saw the Star actor from Wanted for Professor X, i was so worried but he was actually good. Now the power scenes, when he cloaked the military mentally with his powers from the bad guys i was  like "ohhhhh thats crazy and new." Finally when he erased Moira memories at their departure with a kiss, that she remembered funny when her superiors heard it . So yeah Professor X was portrayed very well, to me. 

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I didn'T expect myself to like him in this movie at all. I expected "smart guy gone mad and disfigured himself! Not a Surprise." It didnt turn out that way for me, i like the fact he was already independently was working with the CIA n stuff till Charles forced him to come out the closet (nosy and awkward moment). He started off as wanting to be normal and then a lady's man, till his insecure trait took over and pushed him to his limit, but more literal. He became a favorite character when he choked magneto, i thought Havok was next. lol. His power display scenes was great! Like when he raced the professor and came around to make him feel better. hah! And when he battled Azazel and put his claws in him and was like "i go down, you go too" or something like that, and i was like yeah thats BEAST! so yeah he was one of the best next to mystique, magneto, and professor (his power scenes was...next post!)
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I like that she was professor x little sister and she actually looked good in the x-men uniform. The relationship between her and Beast made me want to look at the Last Stand again lol, and i liked her reaction to his transformation, "this is who you were meant to be". The actor was beautiful and her motivations to go with Magneto was very clear and respectable (before she becomes a terrorist.) "Mutant And Proud!" 
(I know its actually his foster, sister calm down nerds.)
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   one: bad profile, all together 
two: halle berry is darker than zoe, if you cant see that your in denial 
three: zoe is too light to be storm

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Not a surprise, nowadays everyone is breaking apart expactations

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