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Im not sure about this, i love the new Star Trek movie but i hate Lost, to be fair i didnt think he would be able to do Trek at all and he prove me wrong so going to stay open minded about this until it hits cinema screens. Its a hard one to predict either way, i mean, who would have though the guy behind the original trilogy would have made one as aweful as episode 1?

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Im going to give it a go, ive never had the pleasure of reading the previous series so i dont have any hang ups about his story starting again or his move to the US, if its good ill keep buying it. I liked the character in the I Vampire crossover story so im excited to see what his character gets up to.

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Interesting, they seem to be building towards the larger Justice League from the original DCU but with them all having their own teams to hang out in when not needed. Sure sounds better than a millions heroes hanging about in the Watch Tower waiting for something to happen.

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I think Damian has the capacity to kill the Joker, and the desire to do so but i dont think he has the skill to do so. The Joker hides it but hes a really great fighter and can take a lot of punishment, part of it i think is because he is so unpredictable, has no obvious tells and dosent experince pain the way everyone else does. I think if Damian went for it he would get close to doing it and the Joker would spring some sort of trap, he isnt Batman's greatest villain for nothing.

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When the euro edition goes up for sale im picking up a copy of the Xbox special and the WiiU edition, im giving the xbox game to my stepson but keeping the statue and tin box...is that wrong? ^_^

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@AgeofHurricane said:

@kagato: 616 Storm.

Ah fair enough, i take it she will be sporting that look in the other books too then, not really a fan of Storm anyway so it dosent really bother me, just thought it would be more interesting if she came from elsewhere and that was the reason she was on X Force lol.

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Is that an alternate universe version of Storm or is it the 616 version with a make over? Also, is Jubilee still a Vampire and where the heck is X23?

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No Scott! No......, Red Hood is one of my favourites...oh wait James is taking over? Im okay with this ^_^

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@LordRequiem said:

The funny thing is that the Avengers and Spider-man clips are extremely nit-picky where as the dark knight rises problems are mostly major flaws. That would be because out of the three TDKR was terrible and the others were good.

Im glad im not the only one that thought this, on release everyone i know was raving about how great it was and i just couldnt enjoy it despite being a massive fan of Batman.

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@RedheadedAtrocitus said:


dont know why but when i saw the thumbnail i thought it was Sara lol