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Looking pretty good and downloadable too? I thought Ubisoft had the license for some reason, hope that isnt the games soundtrack though.

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Did she raid Wonderwoman's wardrobe? Definetly dosent look like the Angela i remember, where are her Spawn earings? <joke>

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I still want Red Hood and Huntress.

Red Hood definetly! Maybe John Constantine too?

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The only way i can see these characters getting any better is if they return to Earth 2 for James Robinson to write. I know its not a popular point of view but how can they be any worse than they are now? Returning Powergirl to her classic costume is DC admitting they dont know what to do with the character and are grasping at straws to try and pull back or retain some of the readers, unless i see the stars raising on this sites reviews im staying clear.

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Good to see you back Sara! Hope you enjoyed your holiday, have you had a chance to see Iron man 3 yet?

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Just found this on the front page, i miss the 3 minute experts but i have to imagine they are really time consuming to research and make. Comicvine needs some new interns ^_^

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Funny thing is, the Thomas Wayne skin is the one im most excited for and the one i was most willing to pay for and i get it for free! Guess im just paying for the Harley one then ^_^

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Ardian Syaf has been knocking it out of the park with his cover work on the likes of Evil Ernie and does it again on this issue of this series, i hope he finds his way onto one of the podcasts at some point.

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So this is where DC got the insperation for the Court of Owls...owls? I might check it out, looks interesting.

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@Nightwing_Beyond said:

@G-Man: I completely agree with your course of action. Comicvine's professionalism in verification and confirmation is an attribute that is scarce in the world of modern journalism. By the way, I got to the spoiler part of the Higgins podcast the second Nightwing came out on the DC app at 12:06am. The timing was perfect. Got to read the comic then listen to Kyle's commentary about the issue right after since you delayed the spoilers. Great call!

Agree 100% with this, the reason writers are so happy to speak to comicvine in the first place is because they dont publish rumours or speculation.