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I dont like Daken as a character so it kind of colours how much of his stories ill read. I personally prefer X-23s stuff, i like seeing the familiar characters she come accross.

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So Wolverine and Archangel are out? I dunno...i kinda liked Angel being in there, Wolverine i can take or leave, interesting to see how this develops though

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Americas a nice place to visit, if i had the chance id even consider moving there. Best country though? It kind of depends on what your looking for in a Country i guess, id sooner live than the US than most places but again, it depends on what you have as your ideal place to settle down.

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Yeah probably Spider Sense, id imagine if your mind started working that fast your body would begin to react faster on its own anyway.

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Id completely fallen off the comic book trail years ago and was only reading the odd Manga here and there. I heard about Flashpoint and the DC reboot and i was intersted again, i know a lot of people are upset but its got me looking back into comics, enjoying them like i used to so im sure others feel the same. I saw that ad lastnight and shared it with everyone i could get ahold of, ive got people who didnt used to buy comics looking to buy the first lot that launches so thats got to be good right?

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I didnt realise The Flash had such a following, up until Flashpoint i didnt even know there had been 2 of them in the same suit!

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So many people worried about the upcoming changes, i understand why, but just because its new dosent mean it will be bad. Im really looking forward to seeing Supermans new story, how he rises above all the hate and takes his place as earths greatest hero. In the old comics he went from farmboy to hero, no one asked any questions, he suddenly appeared one day and everyone just accepted him. That is not what the real world is like, we as humans tend to distrust and even hate anything different than us and although we can come to terms with things, that takes time. Lets see what it is Superman does that makes the world love him, i want to see the hardships, his emotional struggle and eventually the formation of the Justice League.

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Cant believe i made typos on both my previous posts... Id love to meet Harley Quinn, she would be a riot to hang out with and would have your back if you got into a fight. I doubt there would ever be a dull moment around her.

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I wish i was home instead of at work..

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Love the new spidey costume, i always liked blacksuit spidey and this seems to go in that general direction!