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Didnt last weeks circle of 4 have adverts for Ghostrider and X23 at the back? Did Marvel decide to uncancel the books or are they playing us for fools?

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Suprised that Stormwatch has never been recognised by GLAAD, its a pretty postive potrayel of two super heros in love with each other despite everthing in the universe trying to kill them. Maybe next year ^_^

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I have only limited exposure to Captain Marvel (mostly from what was in Flashpoint and the Mortal Kombat vs DCU game), from those it appears that the word Shazam both creates and seperates Billy from the Captain Marvel personna. I guess that means this is going to change since Batman calling out to him could turn him back into a kid midflight and potentially kill him.

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I hate it, i really really hate it lol, its not going to stop me buying the comics or watching the movies but god its horrible!

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I do love seeing Venom in action, wonder how this will all work out and if the sybiote will end up bonding with him. He does seem to be wearing the suit for extended periods and loosing control way more often than he did at the start.

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Im glad to see them doing so well, i hope it keeps up into the new year, i know that if it hadnt been for the new 52s i probably wouldnt be reading as many DC titles as i currently am so they took a risk that seems to be paying off.

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Come on, everyone knows the best Batman is Kevin Conroy, there is a reason why after all of this time he is still being casted in animated movies and the biggest video games of all time. I dont care if i never see another live action super hero movie again, give me an animated one with a confident voice actor who understands the role and what is expected of him/her and ill be way happier.

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I was actually thinking the very same thing last week when reading through my latest 52s, Marvel have been launching various issue 1s in the Ultimate universe this month anyway, but i don't know that they need to completely reboot. Id like to see more of an emphasis on covers that tell you when a new story arc starts, like i don't mind that its issue 532, but ive noticed on X Force they will put "part 1 of ...... saga" on all of their issues now which is why i started collecting them. They also did this with Spider Island to a lesser extent which was a pleasant suprise.

There is something quite daunting about picking up a random issue of a comic and finding your way knee deep in a story that started a number of issues ago. I did this with Deadpool a while back and i was lucky enough to be able to get the issues that connected to the arc thanks to my local comic book store, but you cant help but feel anxious when looking for that ideal jumping on point.

It should be said though, DC took a huge gamble with the 52s and it paid off, there is no guarantee the same thing would work for Marvel, and it may actually put a lot of people off. There will be people buying the 52s at this time who then decided to pick up some Marvel stuff and it really helps people (especially younger kids) know that they are starting at part 1 of a series and that this is a good time to start collecting it.

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I have most of these issues and only noticed her in Justice League lol, i wonder if she is going to be in every issue or if they are building some big event for next year that brings the teams together to battle some evil greater than all of their foes combined..

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It is a little bit confusing with all of the 52s taking place at random points in time, but its part of the fun of reading the new stuff i guess. Im sure for the most part they will try to keep all of the stuff that is important to the characters they are working on, but a lot will be wiped away and its going to be stuff that some people dont care about, but others feel is a defining point in their history. Just have faith, the writers at DC are some of the best that have ever had, this is their one chance to make the universe fresh enough for retired comic book readers and new comers alike to enter, and to throw all of the Veterns off guard.