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Since im playing Injustice right now all i can think of is Superman, the reality of someone with all that power letting loose is both terrifying and exhilarating! Batman going bad would be wrong for his character, i can maybe see him going a little crazy but turning actively bad just wouldnt feel right, i dont think i can explain why but Batman has to be the good guy.

Marvel on the other hand have been switching their characters from good to evil and back again for years, Jean Grey, Professor X, Cyclops and Angel have all gone bad at some point, Magneto, Emma Frost, Apocalypse have all made the switch to good. I have to say out of all the marvel folks that turned, my favourite was Archangel during the dark angel saga over on X Force, his transformation happend a tiny bit at a time and right under everyone's noses. I also really enjoyed the evil Deadpool in Deadpool kills the marvel universe, behind all the humour and comedy there is a very dangerous killer, its easy to forget when he is so goofy but the guy is insane. Honerable mention goes to Ultimate Reed Richards, the guy makes Dr Doom look like a saint.

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@sog7dc: Mostly i think those of us who did it too early (that does include me) and with someone they didnt really care for, wish they could take it back and do it again with someone they actually liked. For me it was a personal regret and i dont judge anyone for having sex earlier or later than me, but i know there are some who are jealous that they will never have their first time again and will try to force others into the same situation because as we all know, misery loves company.

I doubt thats everyone's reason but honestly, stick to your guns, let the first time actually mean something and not just be some drunken fumble, youll feel much better about yourself in the end.

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Im hoping it airs the same week in the UK so i can watch it too the same way Arrow and Walking Dead do, its a fairly big show so you would imagine that would be the case...

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Really looking forward to this, she has been a strong enough character to be on her own for some time, id like to see her keep the anti hero status from her previous comic. I know not everyone is a fan but Harley has been my favourite DC character for some time, she was the only reason i even picked up suicide squad and now, i finally get to read the story where she is the star.

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Okay that does look pretty cool, Wonderwoman really needs something like this, something to grab the attention of viewers and do it with style! Hey, maybe if this takes off they can do what they did with Bats and release a bunch of different looks and styles.

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I miss the little tyke, glad to see him back, even if it is only in a possible future ^_^

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That...thats not Nolan North....really, how hard is it for the folks running the show to understand? If you have Deadpool you need Nolan North...or at least someone who dosent sound like a hyperactive 12 year old.

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We do still have Corey and Tony but it wont be the same which you know, is the way it should be afterall as Sara brought something unique to the site that only she could bring. The person who takes over will bring his or her own thing to the site too, change is scary but as much as its scary for us, it has to be 100 times more scary for Sara so lets wish her well and hope she finds her calling.

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Im really going to miss you Sara, you, Tony and Corey made a great team together and no longer having you be part of that is incredibly sad for us all. That said, id like to thank you for helping to make the site so great and always making us smile during your video features and during the podcast. I hope you find a role elsewhere that you can make your own the same way you did here, that you can enjoy and grow in and become that future version of yourself you have always dreamt about.

Hope you will drop in on us from time to time and let us know what you are reading and playing, take care and good luck, im rooting for you! ^_^