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Its kind of hard to tell from a 2 min clip, but it dosent look all that great, that said ill still be watching it anyway. I really want a good super hero live action show on tv but the new 52 comic is really boring so i hope its better.

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A Boba Fett movie could be pretty awesome, he already is one of the most recognisable characters in the whole Star Wars Universe and there is a weatlh of background they could pull from comics, books, games or even new stuff to explain what he did off screen. That said, id be interested in anything Star Wars related providing Lucas takes a back seat and just produces, the Clone Wars series has been fantastic and he has had only minimal input into that so i think that would be the best way to go.

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Pandora's secret that is that DCnU flops month after month. Over 20 of The New 52 now do cancellations numbers already! DCnU's top books lose thousands of readers month after month. Lots of others do worse than before the reboot! Time to fix this mess and bring back the real DCU!

Well Pre 52 DCU was not doing great. At least DC can now point to dominating Top 10 Sales Lists. What is your solution to DC's sales and lack or retention?

I never read a Dc comic before the new universe except the Red Robin, and now I enjoy at least 10 comics a month so what's the problem. The old stuff was rubbish and the editors knew it. As for cutting books it makes sense... from the sales and marketing point of view. I liked the New world finest issue, and if some weren't canceled this would not see the light of day... Just sayin'

I agree with Planwalker, before the new 52s i used to download the odd comic via Sonys now defunct comic book store but i never really got into any of the DC stuff and for the most part id read Marvel or Image. Since the new 52s i am now collecting 25 of the books a month which is pretty huge for me, the history and legacy of the the existing characters had become so confusing for new readers that outside of graphic novels i had no real way of getting in.

DC have had most of the top 10 comic books tied down since the re-launch, i remember a couple of times where it was only DC books in there so even if some of the older fans are disgruntled, you cant argue with the results. Clearly the universe needed a reboot or it would have kept going the way it was, if the old universe stuff was still doing great numbers there is no way they would have gone ahead with it.

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I was pretty pissed when i found out they had droppped Norton from the Hulk role and i wasnt sure how id react to seeing a totally new Banner in Avengers but Rufalo blew me away. He was indredible in the role and very believable, id definetly go see a movie with him as Banner/Hulk.

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I agree, Loki was a fantastic choice for the role and did a great job of setting being both menacing and a little likeable too. It will be very interesting to see what they do with the new bad guy (youll have to watch through the end credits) and if s/he will be in any of the other movies before Avengers 2.

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Awesome, congratulations Sara, well deserved!

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Awesome! I cant wait to see the stuff you guys put up, being from the UK i dont get many chances to go to any major cons, might try to get over next year for comicon. That ice cream looks soo good...

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Love it, wish it was the standard costume, ive always thought Wonderwomans costume could do with an overhaul.

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Didnt last weeks circle of 4 have adverts for Ghostrider and X23 at the back? Did Marvel decide to uncancel the books or are they playing us for fools?

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Suprised that Stormwatch has never been recognised by GLAAD, its a pretty postive potrayel of two super heros in love with each other despite everthing in the universe trying to kill them. Maybe next year ^_^